Friday, November 11, 2011

Islamic aggression stops Kalipuja in West Bauria

Did Kalipuja in Bengal go on peacefully this year? The answer to this question is strictly no; the only reason is that lots of areas in the state this year witnessed undue obstructions, felonies of Muslim populace to call the Puja a halt and the spineless administration was witnessed to accede to their demands finally. Without doubt, Hindus did offer stiff resistances and emerged victorious at various areas but political mainstream’s minority appeasement was indeed formidable. The same did happen in Kajirchara, West Bauria, P.S. Uluberia, District: Howrah on October 26, 2011, (the day of Kalipuja) when a few local Hindu youths’ honest wishes to do Puja in the crematorium, in the environs, dashed to the ground owing to warring Muslims’ objections and utter helplessness of police and administration to stop it.

A few local Hindu youths, led by Sadananda Samajpati, had decided to perform the Kalipuja on the auspicious day this year and with this bent of mind the team started making preparations on the day before. A few Muslims did object at that time in the evening but the strength of Hindus did overpower them easily. But this was not the end. Have Muslims averted any chance to torment non-Muslims in any part of the world ever? How can Muslims in the Indian state of Bengal be different then? The true color of their protest was realized from the early morning on the next day.

Hundreds of Muslim strong-armers came forward and started protesting against the preparation of Puja aggressively; the numbers started increasing with the passing of every hour. As a reaction, number of Hindu youths also increased and by the evening 700 Muslims were vis-à-vis 3, 000 Hindu youths. To steer clear of any crisis, police personnel of two police stations, Uluberia and Bauria, did intervene and the meeting between Hindus and Muslims presided over by police officers went on for hours till 11 pm in the night. But there was no solution and at last, to avert any communal tension, the Puja was stopped without heeding Hindu viewpoints. Ironically, police personnel were Hindus but they had to conform to the reigning political mainstream’s minority appeasement policy.

What was the reason behind all these? In a few words, a Muslim graveyard exists alongside the Hindu crematorium and it happened to be the mainstay of Muslim objection. However, no precise reason was cited ever.

This is surely not the only instance. Why don’t you ask members of “Jagrihi Club” at Boulkhai Sepahipara, Bauria of their tragic experiences? The club just desired to wall the club premises along with a small Kali temple beside it but it is still a dream thanks to the presence of a small Muslim graveyard by its side. A few Muslims of the area, aided by coreligionists from other areas, are preventing it with all their might. The administration, as usual, is confused and yet to adopt any perfect step (in this regard) yet.

Does acceding to Muslim opinion happen to be the newest definition of communal harmony?

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