Sunday, November 20, 2011

Three Muslim crooks caught red-handed with arms in Sagar

Prospect of Gangasagar Mela is at stake

It is no longer a secret that illegal weapons are almost flooding the whole of Indian state of Bengal, directly under the nose of the government, and that the same is being used by Muslim criminals rampantly in particular. Such an accusation is enough to draw wrath of secularists but the fact that it is also not unfounded became clear when three Muslim individuals, riding a motorcycle from Kachuberia to Sagar in Sagar Island, P.S. Sagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South), were caught red-handed with revolvers at 10.30 am, today itself.

It has been learnt that the entire incident took place at Mission Road where Nagmela (conducted in24 Paraganas (South) only) is in full swing. As per witnesses, the motorcycle collided with a motor van (coming from the opposite direction) and as a result, a revolver (hidden in the waist of one of 3 riders) fell on the ground. The abrupt appearance of a revolver stirred the entire area and the vehicle was encircled by a large gathering in a short while. When the other two riders were searched, revolvers were found with them also making the crowd there panic-struck.

The local police was phoned; all three riders were manhandled and handed over to the police force only after that. Why were they carrying revolvers? It is not known yet even if they were called to Kakdwip by a person named Ayub (revealed at the time of being thrashed by the aforesaid mob).

All these prove how vulnerable the law and order in the state and the audacity of Islamic religious zealots are. Muslims, thanks to the dearth of any kind of retribution, are becoming audacious enough (more and more) to have weapons, brandish those and also flout law and order openly.

Hindus in the area are wondering whether visit of these 3 armed Muslim individuals was to disrupt the continuing Nagmela or carry out more sinister jobs. Without a doubt, Hindus are apprehensive of the fate of forthcoming Gangasagar Mela (having a worldwide fame).

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