Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Illegal mosque construction within Diamond Harbor Sub-divisional Court unabated

It was the morning of December 18, 2011, a chill day, when a bizarre incident was perceived within the premises of Diamond Harbor Sub-divisional Court; a mosque was being constructed. The day was also a Sunday and hence, the absence of workforce in the environs was duly exploited. It has also been learnt, that no official permission has been taken to carry on the task of transforming an old, miniature Muslim prayer room to a comparatively larger one. What is more incredible, the entire construction is taking place within 20 ft. of the court lockup jeopardizing the security without doubt.     

What was the first reaction of people in the environs? All watched but none dared to raise a single protest; there are few reasons behind this too. Admittedly, the entire construction has been going on under the auspices of Roich Mollah, who had many criminal cases in his name, now a businessman. His nexus with the local politicians and administration has made him influential and he allegedly uses this influence to do this utterly illegal act, i.e., expansion of the mosque in court premises in the sub divisional town of Diamond Harbour.

Nevertheless, as soon as the information of the said illegal incident reached the local Hindu Samhati office, SP (24 Paraganas – South) and New Delhi were informed without any delay.

Alas, the construction is in full swing at this point in time.      

Here is the simple lesson (derived from the said incident): Muslims can do no wrong in the eyes of administration in West Bengal.

(picture of the video footage)


  1. Diamond Harbour Adminstartion and TMC are erecting a Bigger Mosque in DH Criminal Court premises illegally to appease the Fundamental Muslims.

    Muslim Pressure Groups put compulsion over Diamond Harbour Sub Divisional Office to reconstruct a Bigger Mosque in Diamond Harbour Criminal Court Premises barely illegal.

    A RTI and Hindu activist belonging to HINDU SAMHATI, Sri Haran Chandra Mondal wanted to know from the authority that :

    "(a) The actual size and type of existing Mosque in question and the proposed reconstructed size and type after reconstruction/renovation of the same.

    (b) The name of the person and the authority who/that passed the related reconstruction/renovation plan of the Mosque in question.
    (c) The cost of estimated budget for the reconstruction/renovation plan of the Mosque in question and the source to meet the cost.
    (d) Whether the Sub Divisional Officer, Diamond Harbour has given any permission for the reconstruction/renovation work for the Mosque in written or verbally.
    (e) Under whose order the Police contingents are guarding the illegal reconstruction/renovation work for the Mosque in question. (Photo enclosed)."

    As per Right to Information Act, 2005, the concerned authority is bound to give the available information within one month after submission of the application with due charges for the same.
    HINDU SAMHATI CENTRAL COMMITTEE should pursue the matter urgently. See details in : http://bengalspotlight.blogspot.com/2011/12/diamond-harbour-adminstartion-and-tmc.html

  2. It is good that your reporter has been able to capture the video footage before and after the demolition (for reconstruction purpose) of the impugned Mosque structure, from where it is evident that a bigger Mosque is going to be erected there with the help some mysterious Islamic funding to reconstruct the same very unlawfully.

    It has been alleged that a fund of Rs. 10 lac has been given as bribe to manage the permission of the illegal construction of the mosque and the mosque will be reconstructed with another Rs 5 lac from that mystery source. As a matter of fact the Islamic Groups involved with illegal money market are funding huge amount to construct or reconstruct or to renovate the Mosque all over South 24 Parganas.

    The matter should be inquired by CBI or CID.

  3. A few days after the Daily Show segment aired, someone actually torched a mosque building site in Murderousness.

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