Friday, October 28, 2011

Grievous incident in Kulpi, October 24, 2011, stems from deep-rooted anti-Hindu prejudice

It has become far-flung by now how a mob of riotous Muslims, carrying all sorts of lethal weapons, virtually called local administration on the carpet and destroyed BDO (Block Development Office) and Kulpi police station in the Indian state of Bengal, posing a grave challenge to the constitutional predominance on October 24, 2011. While a few prefer to term it as a local feud, the majority of Hindus, in spite of being knowledgeable of the real intention of murderous Muslims but also helpless owing to absence of security, is maintaining a creepy silence. It is to be noted that the attack was not abrupt but the fallout of an idea conceived some days before. Reason?

On October 14, 2011, immersion of deity of Goddess Lakshmi was going on in the village of Rajarampur, P.S. Kulpi under the leadership of Balak Sangha of Dakshinpara and more than 100 Hindus were present on the occasion. At the same time, a good number of Muslims from the neighboring village of Raghunathpur (dominated by Muslims) came along and demanded both money and alcohol in lieu of letting Hindus pass through the village safely. But Hindus refused right away; Muslim crooks, in return, warned Hindus of dire consequences before long. To steer clear of any disturbance, Hindus informed Mahamaya Sangha, local club of Hindus, for help. Muslims fled as a result.

On October 16, 2011 (Sunday) immersion of Goddess Lakshmi’s deity, of Jubak Sangha Haldarpara, was going on at 11.30 pm. Muslims, involved with the disturbance on October 14, 2011 in Rajarampur, was also present here; dancing to the tunes of Hindi film songs and making lewd advances to Hindu girls watching the procession. They got so wild eventually that it was no longer possible to complete the holy immersion conforming to Hindu rituals and traditions. To save the fast deteriorating situation, Hindus asked Muslims to leave the area which they considered as an insult.

The chain of Muslim reaction (ending with destruction of BDO office and P.S. Kulpi) started following this incident. A Hindu boy of Balak Sangha, who was also present in the immersion procession of Jubak Sangha Haldarpara, while returning to his home, was seized by Muslims and was thrashed severely. His mother, as he was near to his residence, identified and made desperate efforts to save him; she was molested. When members of Jubak Sangha Haldarpara were informed of the grievous incident, they just rushed to the spot and saved the victims. A few Islamic hoodlums, responsible for torturing the Hindu family, were found out soon and were beaten hollow.

The entire incident had a disastrous effect on the neighborhood but immersion completed somehow. Nevertheless, a few pebbles, in the meantime, were thrown to several other Hindu villages in the environs.

On October 17, 2011, Hindus, office goers, were being tortured from the early morning. A rowdy Islamic mob was simply not enabling them to pass through main road of the area. The police force from P.S. Kulpi arrived there at 10 am and owing to the administrative intervention, the blockade was withdrawn. On October 19, 2011 a meeting between Hindus and Muslims (5 members representing each group) took part in a round table with the police but no decision could be reached.

The rest – what did happen on October 24, 2011 is a history. We are well aware of it.

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