Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Muslim friend deceives, chops Hindu youth for money

Religious bias overshadows longtime friendship

Despite clashes of civilizations for centuries, personal relationships between a Hindu and a Muslim did continue and instances are there where Hindus helped Muslims and vice versa. But time has surely changed when thanks to flexing of muscles of Islamic fundamentalism the same personal relationship is most spoilt and a Hindu can not believe a Muslim any more; experiences of Samar Adak (age 32 years), s/o (Late) Anil Adak, village: Baramajhipara, P.S. Singur, District: Hooghly, prove the same. On November 24, 2011, Noor Islam, resident of village: Baharampur, P.S. Singur and an old pal of Samar Adak, almost chopped him to grab Rs. 15, 000 he was having at that moment.

Samar Adak is a sholapith craftsman, also known as “Malakar” in Bengali, to be precise maker of garland. Shola Pith (also referred to as shola and Indian cork) is a dried milky-white spongy plant matter which can be pressed and shaped into delicate and beautiful objects of art. Now, to fulfill a few sudden demands, Samar pulled out Rs. 15, 000 from his own bank. Around 8.15 pm both were having Muri (puffed rice) as an evening snack and at that time, Noor just pounced on Samar to have the money from him by force.

Samar, confounded and overpowered, tried to save himself and his own money desperately and facing a stiff opposition, Noor brought a sword (hidden within his wearing apparel brilliantly) out and chopped Samar almost. Nevertheless, in spite of being grievously wounded Samar managed to flee.

At the moment Samar is in Calcutta Medical College and his condition is at stake.

What’s the fault of Samar, a young Hindu man, plainly?

(As per latest information, Noor Islam has been taken into custody).

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