Monday, November 28, 2011

Cow slaughter on Bakri-Eid in Chotochandpur

Hindus protested, Government remained indifferent

Court orders to prohibit cow slaughter on Bakri-Eid or Id-Ul-Zoha (November 07, 2011) were there and hence, Hindus in Bengal (this year) were hopeful that something positive would take place – administration in Bengal would leave no stone unturned to call this heinous practice a halt. But they were utterly wrong. The opposite took place wholeheartedly throughout the state – somewhere with the tacit support of the administration while at other places with the direct backing of the government and what did take place at village: Chotochandpur, P.S. Rajarhat, District: 24 Parganas (North) on Bakri-Eid, denote the brutality of the government to hurt Hindu sentiments through consenting to slaughtering of cows candidly.

On November 07, 2011, the day of Bakri-Eid, the Hindu-dominated village of Chotochandpur witnessed cow slaughter in its own land even if the Hindus raised strong protests against it. The villagers, even if there was court order, apprehending the worst submitted memorandums, comprising signatures of 951 Hindus in the village, prior to Bakri-Eid to various echelons of the reigning administration to put and end to the cow slaughter and abide by the court directives and these included Home Secretary, Government of West Bengal, DM (District Magistrate), SDPO, SP, SDO, SP, BDO.

Nevertheless, almost all aforesaid administrative officials including SP, SDPO, Officer-in-Charge Rajarhat were present in Chotochandpur during cow slaughter and their presence boosted Muslim confidence to a large extent. Apart from them Munnab Ghazi, Head of Panchayat, Jahanara Bibi, president of Panchayat, were also present at that time.

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