Friday, November 25, 2011

Hindu martial spirit witnessed in Boulkhali, Howrah

History repeats itself and what is happening these days in Bengal reminds us the horrific days of partition – days when it was becoming more and more impossible for Hindus to live with dignity and they had to choose between two options – death (conversion to Islam is death to Hindus too) or fight back. The same thing is happening nowadays but it’s also true that Hindus are in no mood to surrender – they are fighting back and what happened on November 06, 2011, the day before Id-ul-Zuha (Bakr-Id), at Boulkhali, P.S. Bauria, District: Howrah, with regard to immersion program of Devi Jagaddhatri, denotes the same approach.

The problem started at 8 pm on November 06, 2011, when the immersion program of 3-Star Club was at full blast. It was also the time when the procession reached the UCO Bank center and two enthusiastic members of the club got busy in lighting firecrackers. The place is also native to a few Muslim families also and hence, a few Muslim boys asked the two Hindu boys to refrain from lighting firecrackers. But the overjoyed Hindu boys did not heed it and as a result, after a few minutes, both of them were dragged into an alley and were beaten hollow by a group of Muslim boys. Almost none noticed it and 2-3 persons who inquired were told that the matter was result of an internal strife.

1 Hindu boy, after almost 20 minutes, became able to flee and rushed to the procession of 3-Star Club. When Hindus learnt the happening, they chased the Muslim attackers who fled in fear. Nevertheless, some of them were caught at last and were thrashed as a mark of protest. 1 Muslim shop, belonging to a Muslim owner who tried to save the attackers, located at Fort Gloster was also vandalized. It was at that time a few Muslim boys of National Society Club came forth and attacked Hindu boys resulting into a fighting between the two groups. But since more and more Hindus in the locality joined the Hindu force, Muslims were overpowered soon and they had now way other than to retreat.

All these happened before O.C. of P.S. Bauria and he was found to witness the Hindu valor without a sound.

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