Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hindus in Jagadishpur Sardarpara suffer worst

Muslims neighbors tormenting them steadily, successfully

Tranquility is expected by all and it’s also essential to make a healthy life and have prospects. Hindus are no different in this case – but that can’t be at the cost of self-esteem and virtues. Hindus living in the village of Jagadishpur Sardarpara, P.S. Mandirbazar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) are facing this problem nowadays on the whole. Being tormented by neighboring Muslims perpetually, they are in a vicious circle at the moment. And the options before them are limited – either they have got to go away from the village or have to tolerate mounting obscenities of Muslims. Does the Indian administration cease to exist? The local police is unkindly and indifferent to them as before.

Jagadishpur Sardarpara, to cut a long story short, happens to be a Hindu dominated village and a 25 bigha land does exist before the village. 3 Hindu families settled there almost 10 years ago and they are in just1 bigha land; it takes roughly 2 minutes to come to the village from there. Without a shred of doubt, life was smooth for them till the advent of 3 Muslim families in the same stretch of land; they also bought 1 bigha of land and settled there 2 years ago. And from the very beginning, it is alleged, the new settlers were perceived to flex their muscles and thus make every attempt to overpower their Hindu neighbors. The remaining 23 bigha of land stays vacant.

The main source of this novel Muslim strength, it has been learnt, is Mallikpur, a Muslim dominated village, lying before P.S. Mandirbazar. A journey of 10 minutes is requisite to reach the said stretch of land from Mallikpur. The 3 Muslim families, at this point in time, are leaving no stone unturned to evict the Hindu families and Muslim thugs of Mallikpur are seen to make regular visits to their homes. What types of measures are being adopted to oust Hindus? In short, nothing is left out and it ranges from obscene activities like taunting using sexually implicit words to thefts and scuffles whenever it is essential.

The three Hindu families are: Tapan Sardar (husband) and Krishna Sardar (wife), Putul Haldar (husband) and Kaushalya Haldar (wife), Madhyam Haldar (husband) and Mita Haldar (wife). And the fear, thanks to rising persecutions, is such that Tapan and Krishna thought it wise to make their minor daughters (14 years and 13 years respectively) marry. The others, quite naturally, are living in an abject fair and are planning to go away. 3 FIR s have been lodged to the local police station but no steps to nab the culprits have been adopted yet. Hindu victims are thinking to flee.

As per information, Rahis Mollah, notorious and also influential goon in the neighborhood, is lending his power behind all these.

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