Monday, October 24, 2011

Hindu Samhati activists foil nasty Islamic design to disrupt Durga Puja in Jhinki

Hindu fate is getting vulnerable to Islamic antagonism more and more, with each day it passes; every new grievous incident proves unless Hindus become virile combatants, a permanent void does exist before them only. Days are getting tougher without doubt; even simplest instances are being exploited for Hindu-baiting. Jhinki (Karimabad) village of Mohanpur No. 1 Village Panchayat, Dist. 24 Paraganas (South), West Bengal, witnessed such on October 05, 2011 (Wednesday), following a Kabaddi tournament organized to mark the consecrated occasion of Sri Sri Durga Puja.

It was a one-day long tournament on the whole and was participated by both Hindu and Muslim Kabaddi teams in the environs; to be watched by hundreds of other Muslims.

As the sporting competition progressed, serious confrontations or wrangles regarding rules and regulations of Kabaddi started to get common between Hindu and Muslim teams increasingly. To bring the rising disputes to a halt, the organizing committee of the tournament thought it wise to intervene. At that juncture, a few Muslim youths, certainly to defy any approach to rein in the mounting confrontations that had started to vitiate the religious atmosphere already, were witnessed to barge in the area of Puja.

Within a fraction of a second, Muslim hooligans attacked Hindu womenfolk there, defiled sanctity in the environment and also destroyed a few utensils meant for the Puja along with a portion of the pandal.

Thanks to proactive methods of Hindu Samhati activists present there, Muslim hooligans were defeated within the next few minutes; they were disseminated. Local administration intervened later on and with its active help the next part of the program was completed.

It is needless to say, had there been no Hindu Samhati activist, it would have been more than impossible to rein in Muslim felons, present there to disrupt a Hindu religious affair cold-heartedly.

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