Saturday, October 29, 2011

Will Chaitali Haldar, hapless Hindu girl, be rescued ever?

Or will she remain lost forever representing Hindu girl victims to Islamic lust nowadays?

Here is another incident of abduction of a Hindu girl, an episode getting common increasingly across the Indian state of Bengal with each day it passes. Ms. Chaitali Haldar (age 15), daughter of Sri Utpal Haldar (age 47), s/o Sri Jitendranath Haldar, resident of Joynagar Sardarpara, P.S. Panchla, Dist. Howrah, has been missing from October 06, 2011 and from the very beginning presence of a Islamic handiwork in the episode was suspected; later developments confirmed the same only.

It is to be noted that Chaitali Haldar happens to be the third one among all five daughters of Sri Haldar and is a student of Class XIII at Joynagar Pallishree Vidyaniketan (educational institution). She, on the fateful day, went to perceive Vijaya Dashami of Durga Puja (grand immersion of deity conforming to Hindu religious rituals) at Ranihati Amtabere, P.S. Panchla and has never returned thus far. There is a question too – does any missing case of a Hindu girl imply Islamic deed always.

No – but it this case there were some other facts as well. Rajiv Khan (age 22), s/o Saifuddin Khan, inhabitant of Kandua Khanpara, P.S. Sankrail, worked at Utpal’s residence as manual laborer for 2 weeks (at a stretch) till Id-ul-Fiter (August 31, Wednesday) and during this period, an affinity grew up between the two. Elder sisters of Chaitali also noticed this and owing to their insistence, job of Rajiv Khan was called a halt abruptly.

When Utpal (having this idea) went to Ranihati Amtabere at dead night to find her daughter out, he, accordingly, asked of the presence of any such person (like Rajiv) in the area at the time of immersion. Soon it got cleared to him that Rajiv Khan – s/o Saifuddin Khan, along with Salim Khan – s/o Saifuddin Khan, Amir Khan – s/o Surabdin (Rashid) Khan, Meheraj Khan – s/o Siraj Khan, Suraj Khan – s/o Siraj Khan, Sher Khan – s/o Mahinuddin Khan, Surabdin (Rashid) Khan, Siraj Khan and Mahinuddin Khan, had already been present there and the entire gang, comprising young and old, led Chaitali astray and abducted her at last. Rajiv Khan feigned that he was in love with Chaitali.

On October 07, 2011, at 08.10 am, a phone call from mobile no, 9143310145, came to the cell phone no. 9903237439 of Sri Utpal Haldar. A strange and unknown voice demanded Rs. 50, 000 as ransom money (to return Chaitali). To make the call more authentic, Chaitali was made speak in the phone – she did the same shedding tears desperately. She also stated that in case of any failure to pay Rajiv would simply chop her. The demand for such a huge sum along with possible fallout (in case of any failure) was just a shell shock for such a hard-up family, if not more.

But Utpal could manage to ask her of the location she was talking from – the phone was disconnected just then. Afterward, lots of other calls came from different phone numbers of abductors to an assortment of phone numbers belonging to relatives and friends of Utpal – he was asked to go to Kolaghat, from there to Mecheda – Tamluk and lastly Digha. The helpless father did all carrying the same amount of Rs. 50, 000 but Chaitali was found nowhere.

Finding no other option Sri Utpal Haldar, in the end, went to P.S. Panchla to lodge a missing diary (No. 347 dtd. 08/10/11). Another FIR, containing complains of abduction and ransom, especially against aforementioned Islamic felons, was lodged on October 08, 2011, GD no. 363/P.S. – Panchla – dtd. 09/10/11, Case No. 329/11 – dtd. 09/10/11 u/s – 363/365/34 IPC.

However, nothing has improved after this even. On October 16, 2011 around 04.30 pm an anonymous voice called Utpal’s friend (at his number) and threatened the family for approaching the police station and warned of murdering Chaitali before long too. Police is yet to adopt any effective step to nab the culprits (before it gets late) and the helpless father is running from pillar to post seeking justice.

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