Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fierce Muslim mob persecutes Hindus at North Radhanagar railway station, Mograhat

Hindus struggling tooth and nail

If I have power, every wrong is right – is this the latest Islamic slogan in Bengal? There are enough reasons to raise this question; fast changing postures of Muslim youths, especially their mounting aggressiveness is unleashing hell only across the state and the grievous incident on October 06, 2011 at North Radhanagar railway station, P.S. Mograhat, Dist. 24 Paraganas (South) exemplifies this reality best. What did happen in the station?

A minor Hindu boy, to maintain his livelihood, sells pure drinking water in the railway station and on the very day (October 06, 2011) he was in his shop as usual. Around 10.00 am a Muslim youth came to the shop to have water but after drinking he declined to pay any money citing the water was both hot and not up to standard. But the minor Hindu boy had no other option; he went on asking for the money. His recurrent pleas disturbed the Muslim youth a lot who in return thrashed him highly.

Sandipan Mandal, hardcore Hindu Samhati activist, was present there and owing to his fierce protest the minor Hindu boy got saved. The Muslim boy fled (in fear) from the station only to return with around 50 Muslim youths, carrying lethal weapons, from neighboring Muslim-dominated village of Shyampur, soon. Taking advantage of absence of local Hindus (engaged with their own professions), the fierce Muslim mob beat Sandipan and other Hindus in the railway station hollow.

A few Muslims came forward to compromise but the other group instantly started hurling bombs at the North Radhanagar railway station; all fled in fear of life. Well, this was not the end. A few Hindu shops including drinking water shop of Ranjit Sardar, fruit shop of Rabin Haldar, betel leaf (paan) shop of Nandarani Seal were ransacked. They were also tromped; railway ticket counter was destroyed even and money was looted. A few Hindu women were molested too; not to speak of abusing Hinduism by Muslim hoodlums.

Intensity of the situation compelled local police to step in before long and officers asked both parties to make a compromise without delay. It became obvious that the police was not ready to heed any complaint of Hindus, many of whom were beaten heavily, even. A strong unity grew up among Hindus (without further ado) to deal with the situation and thanks to it, Hindus, unanimously, declined to make any compromise, synonymous to stimulating Islamic Jihad.

Hindus, later in the day, went to P.S. Mograhat to submit an application to Officer-in-Charge there to nab culprits and find out illegal weaponry in the neighborhood. But they had strange experiences there! Not the O.C. declined to accept the application only but was witnessed to admonish both Sanjay Haldar and Kartik Mandal, youths leading Hindus, also.

Hindus in the area are aggrieved and are not ready to make any single compromise.

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