Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What can hapless Hindus in Dharmatala do now?

Religious atrocities on Hindus, especially its weaker sections, in the Indian state of Bengal remain unabated and without doubt, whatever may be the change in state’s regime, Islamic dogmatism with the covert and sometimes overt support of the administration is in full swing and the hapless situation of Hindus in village Dharmatala, Block – Canning, P.S. Canning, Dist. 24 Paraganas (South), now portray all these best. The brawl emanating from a niggling incident on July, 16 has led to an appalling outcome evidencing yet again that Muslim zealots have faith in the globally despised Nazi notion - “Blame the dog before you shoot.”

On July 16, 2011, at 1.00 pm, a Hindu boy (22 years of age) named Sanyyasi stole a cell phone in Dhosaghat, P.S. Joynagar. He was soon spotted by Uttam, an auto-rickshaw driver and living in Dharmtala’s environs, and Sannyasi was thrashed heavily. During evening, on the same day, Uttam was found to watch a rubber ball tournament in Dharmatala. When it was learnt, Sannyasi came there along with his Muslim friends and Uttam was beaten back and blue in the field.

Hindu boys present there made great efforts to settle down the incident and after a few moments they succeeded even. However, a Muslim boy there used abusive languages against Hindus and the enraged Hindus, as a result, prevented him. Soon after Siddique Sardar, s/o Chaid Sardar, resident of an adjoining village, came there and hurled insults against Hindus including their rituals and sacred deities. Siddique was beaten at this time by Hindus and he got a head injury too. He had no way other than to retreat. But his hunger for vengeance was far from over.

At 5 pm, in the same evening, family members of Siddique with their Muslim neighbors, brandishing lethal weapons, came to Dharmatala and said unless the sport was stopped, everyone there watching the rubber ball tournament would be attacked. The threat created a panic but the interference of local SUCI leaders saved the situation for the time being. The tournament completed by the next day (Sunday, July 17, 2011).

Nothing did take place in the following week but on next Sunday, July 24, 2011, at 1.00 pm, 8 armed Muslim thugs were seen to advance to Dharmatala and within a few minutes they attacked Hindus of the village with ferocity. Thugs included Rafiqul (brother of Siddique), Naushed Mandal s/o Abul Mandal, Shajahan Sardar s/o Sammad Sardar, Ibran Sardae s/o Erad Ali Sardar (deceased) and others.

Women were not spared too and many of them were manhandled, molested and their clothes were torn even. Cronies fired shots too but since those did not perform, the gang retreated. But after 15 minutes the gang came back and fired and injured some Hindus awfully with country-made weapons. Hindus ran hither and thither to save themselves; after completion of the operation Muslim felons went back to their village.

Here is a list of injured Hindus. They Are Ramapada Mandal, Sumitra Mandal, Jamuna Sardar, Lilu Mandal, Sushil Mandal, Baburam Mandal, Palan Mandal, Tulobala Mandal, Mamata Mandal, Gandhi Sardar, Mohan Mandal and a few others.

Police was informed at 1.20 pm of the entire incident but they managed to reach the village at 4.10 pm only. It must be kept in mind that P.S. Canning is positioned at a distance of 25 kms from Dharmatala. Police remained in the village till 7 pm but proved to be apathetic to Hindus by and large.

When Hindus went to P.S. Canning to lodge a formal complaint against said Islamic thugs, they were told that to make a GD (General Diary) they would have to provide Rs 50 while in case of FIR Rs 300 would have to be paid. Have you heard this ever before? Again, even if wounded villagers were sent to the local hospital by police, hospital administration flatly denied rendering them any document regarding medication.

It has also come to the knowledge that Yaya Khan and Moshiar Sardar (both from SUCI) are handling the incident. Result is too obvious. Isn’t it?

Last of all, on 27/07/11 villagers in Dharmatala went to P.S. Canning again to loge a formal complaint. But they were driven out from the police station saying that it was not a playground.

Where can these hapless Hindus go now? Should they surrender to Islamic fundamentalism?

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