Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hindu boy ostracized for marrying a Muslim girl

Love Jehad may be in full swing but if the reverse takes place it leads to fracas only and decisive ruin of the Hindu family. This is not any uncommon incident and fate of Purnendu Pradhan, resident of village Durgapur, P.S. Ramnagar, Dist: East Midnapur, portrays the same. The one and only crime of Purnendu was to love and marry Sahana Sultana, resident of village Baduria of Khandaghosh in Burdwan. Even if the Pradhan family did not take any exception to this marriage, none of them was spared. They were thrashed severely by the bride’s family and have also been casted out in their own village.

It has been learnt that Purnendu and Sahana met each other a year ago in a marriage party in Burdwan and thus began affection between them leading to marriage on July 06, 2011conforming to the Hindu Special Act. And the couple escaped fearing resentment in their houses.

When everything became public, Sahana Sultana’s family members came all the way from Burdwan to East Midnapur, threatened Hindu boy’s family of dire consequences and also thrashed them. Even, as per Purnendu’s complaint, his brother was threatened to be murdered. Telephone became the best way to threaten Hindus. On July 18, 2011 the Hindu household was attacked devastatingly.

However, till date no assistance has been provided to the terrified family in Durgapur. What is more, the entire family has been ostracized for this unpardonable (?) offence. Village Durgapur is alleged to be mainstay of Hindu-Muslim peaceful co-existence and as per info, Muslims have played substantial role behind the banishment.



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