Friday, July 22, 2011

Durgapur Ashram destruction raises Hindu woes

The extensive belief that industrial centers or metropolises of India detest to be bastions of secularism gets a jolt in Durgapur, premiere industrial city of Indian state of Bengal, Dist: Burdwan, when a Hindu ashram (hermitage) became subject to wild assaults of Islamic tormentors on 21 May.

On the fateful day, a widespread carnage took place in the ashram leading to grievous injury of the priest.

In accordance with local sources, a few Muslim thugs, backed by various political echelons, were trying to impede affairs of the ashram in every manner. It is worthwhile to mention, the ashram has turned out to be the citadel of worshiping Bajrangbali in the environs for the last few years. The adoration has become a major issue to attract copious numbers of local Hindus by now and all these, it is needless to say, have irked Muslims, dead set against Hinduism ever, to a large extent

On the word of Fakirananda Maharaj, venerable hermit of the ashram, and Saddhi Anima Das, a trivial issue led to a fracas between Muslim youths and members of ashram a few days ago. This led to wild assaults of Islamic cronies- almost 20 of them came to the ashram and ransacked it straight away. A young Hindu man, named Bhola, came to the rescue but he was also badly beaten.

Ashram authority has lodged an FIR to the local police station in this regard.

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