Monday, July 25, 2011

Harmed and innocent Alok Singha of Shantipur arrested

Denoting a startling development, Alok Singha of Singha family, inhabitants of Ramnagar Para, P.S. Shantipur, District: Nadia, who became subject to dreadful attacks of the adjacent notorious family of Jakat Sheikh on 13/07/11 for protesting against their dumping garbage in the common lane and thus to annoy Hindus, has been arrested. It has come to the knowledge that Alok was arrested just as he stepped out of Shantipur State General Hospital. Sections imposed on Alok Singha include 307/325/326.

The approach of the administration, in this regard, is highly appalling.

The previous report has already been issued in our blog ( and briefly, the fracas started when on 13/07/11, at 5 pm, family members of Jakat Sheikh were witnessed to dump garbage (having stinking smell) in the lane and pollute the neighborhood yet again. When Asok Singha did protest, he was thrashed heavily. Other members of the family including Alok were also not spared and hence, they were admitted to local hospital.

Singha family lodged an FIR (Case no. 509 dated 13/07/11) against Sheikh family members but there has not been any arrest yet and three sons of Jakat Sheikh are allegedly on the run. Why have the police failed to get hold of them?

Another important issue is there. During a talking between Officer-in-Charge of P.S. Shantipur and this scribe, attended by a few others, on 14/07/11, he admitted in full sense that the family of Jakat Sheikh was ill-famed to the local police and administration also whereas Singha family had always been decent.

How can police arrest Alok Singha, proven as decent to administration already, then?

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