Friday, July 15, 2011

Hindus wounded brutally in Nadia to protest dumping of garbage by vicious Muslims

There is no need of a big or controversial issue to stimulate Muslims to torment Hindus any longer. These days, dumping of garbage by a Muslim family in lane and Hindu protests against it can also lead to wild assaults on Hindus and all any disbeliever of this reality can do is to look into anguishes of Singha family, longtime and influential inhabitant of Ramnagar Para, P.S. Shantipur, District: Nadia. 4 members of the family became subject to violent attacks of a neighboring Muslim family, dumping garbage in the common lane just to annoy them, on 13/07/11.

Here is a brief account of the horrific development on the fateful day. It must be said, before anything, that the neighboring Muslim family of Jakat Sheikh, known as notorious in the neighborhood and also to the administration, was dumping garbage in the lane for days, at a stretch, just to annoy the Hindu dominated area, especially the Singha family. Ramnagar Para contains at least 300 Hindu households against 10-12 Muslim families.

On 13/07/11, at 5 pm, family members of Jakat Sheikh were witnessed to dump garbage (having stinking smell) in the lane and pollute the neighborhood yet again. When Asok Singha, elder son of Singha family, protested against it, he was scolded and also manhandled by members of Sheikh family. To stop the fast worsening situation, Alok Singha, Ashok’s younger brother, interfered and was beaten heavily. Swapan Singha and Rama Singha, uncle and aunt of Asok and Alok respectively, also became subjects to Islamic tortures. The team of assailants included Jakat Sheikh, his three sons – Madan Sheikh, Khusu Sheikh and Khokon Sheikh.

According to witnesses, women of Sheikh family participated in the assaults on Hindus too. Lethal weapons like iron roads and Ramda (country made long dagger) were used to torture Hindus at random. The situation has shocked the neighborhood, it’s needless to say.

An FIR (Case no. 509 dated 13/07/11) has already been registered but there has not been any arrest yet. While Jakat Sheikh, victim of his own son’s brutal rod wielding activity, is in hospital, his three sons are on the run.

Hindus are getting united to stop all these nefarious activities. Police is patrolling the area.

(Ashok Singha)

(Alok Singha)

(Swapan Singha)

(Rama Singha)

(Rama Singha Showing Wound on her Head)

(Garbage Area)

(Terrified Singha Family)

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