Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hindus in New Town suffering Muslim savagery

If a meek Hindu lives in an area surrounded by Muslim localities (known as arsenals too), he has got to conform to their whims to remain alive. But if he is different, fierce struggles daily become a part of his life and in this regard, Hindus inhabiting Gouranganagar Udvastu Colony, P.S. New Town, District: 24 Paraganas (North) are no different.

On 07/07/11 the deep trouble that erupted leading to arrests of two innocent Hindu youths was the fallout of same daily confrontations. People of Gouranganagar, a prominent Hindu citadel, formed their own syndicate to supply cement, stone chips, sand and others at money-spinning prices to residential or industrial projects in the vicinity. The syndicate was doing the same regarding a housing complex (under construction) in New Town earning wrath of Muslim traders, engaged in same business.

It has come to the knowledge that majority of Muslims, also Trinamool Congress (TMC) activists, in surrounding areas of Jangra, Ghuni and Jatragachi consider that 80% of the business would go to them owing to present TMC reign in West Bengal. And this view led to fracas between the two warring communities from time to time.

Hindu-Muslim fighting, regarding the same issue, took place on July 07, 2011 evening again. But to call the intensifying conflict a halt, police interfered and arrested two Hindu youths – Sukumar Mandal & Sunil Mandal – completely innocent and devoid of any connection to the syndicate, at 1 am on July 08. The incident was enough to rouse the Hindu dominated environs.

Hindu might got best visible when at least 1,500 Hindus gheraoed the local police station throughout the day demanding their release.

Sukumar Mandal and Sunil Mandal were later produced to the court and released.

Officer-in-Charge of P.S. New Town told villagers candidly that he had been forced to do so and that 12 sections of IPC (Indian Penal Code) imposed on two Hindu youths would be withdrawn before long. While the tussle was going on, villagers were informed that Aftab-ud-din, president, TMC Youth Front, and his group were seen to supply stone chips and other materials to the same residential complex violating the past agreement.

It is to be noted, on July 07, 2011, before presence of O.C. of P.S. New Town, an agreement was made between Hindus and Muslims that no material would be supplied to the very housing complex.

Hearing the act of Aftab-ud-din Hindus rushed to the spot and thrashed him and the entire group. Even local TMC and BJP members got involved in thrashing. Thrashing led to rancor in the neighborhood and to calm the fast worsening situation down, FIR was lodged against 8 Hindu males. 2 of them have already been bailed out while 6 others are absconding still.

Gouranganagar Udvastu Colony is still scared stiff and owing to police torturing and patrol, many Hindu male members are outside the village.

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