Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hindu minor girl raped by Muslim fanatic

Where can she get justice from?

Those were the darkest days of 1940s when the befuddled Hindus of then undivided Bengal were running from pillar to post to save their women, most vulnerable to the lust of Islamic zealots. People who underwent all these horrific episodes and came to newly formed West Bengal in the hope of security have become speechless by now. Islamic fundamentalism, aided by sectarian forces and degenerated political factions, is getting higher in the state and hell is all set to fall down on Hindus. None knows whether they can be saved but episode of Sabita Mandal proves the fate is getting doomed more and more.

Ms. Sabita Mandal, age 17 years, is the daughter of a meager casual laborer Mr. Radhakanta Mandal in the village of Dakshin Patikhali Charpara, under Jibantala P.S. of South 24 Parganas district, known as bastion of Muslim criminals. And on 8th April 2011 at noon 2 pm she was all alone in her abode.

Mother of Sabita died in her infancy and the helpless father was out of house for his job from 1 pm. Well, Radhakanta placed some corns at the gate of his house at the time of moving out. Reason? In the vacant place in front of his house, 10-12 notorious hoodlums were drinking wine and he did all these for the safety of his lone daughter.

It was around 2.00 pm when two drunkards, Saifuddin Mistri (of age 25 years) and Pappu Seikh, looked for water from Sabita and she refused instantly. However, due to the pressure of the two, Sabita had no other way other than to provide a bottle of water from within the fence of her house. Getting incensed the two Muslim thugs kicked on the gate, crashed it and entered the premise. Even if Sabita cried for help, none did turn up during the hour of need. Everyone remains too busy with his/her own life. Isn’t it?

Saifuddin got hold of Sabita quite easily and tore up her clothes. Sabita, to preserve her own chastity, fought back with all might but Saifuddin overwhelmed her. She was beaten ruthlessly and then ravished again and again. Sabita, as a result, lost her consciousness. Hence, it’s difficult to determine whether Pappu outraged her as well. Once the job was done two criminals fled from the spot. A youth of neighboring house, Rajkumar Ram, came out and shouted and called the neighbors. Neighbors came to find out a distressed and unconscious Sabita. Even if they were perplexed, first aid was provided to her and she regained her consciousness.

Radhakanta Mandal returned home at 4.00 pm and comprehended the reality. His poor neighbors could not advise him properly of the next approach and so a Hindu Samhati worker close at hand was contacted. Thanks to his counsel, Radhakanta with his daughter went to Canning police station in the same evening (08.04.11) so as to file a complaint against the culprits. Saifuddin, s/o, Sabir Ali Mistri, it is to be noted, lives in Krishna Colony of Uttar Taldi under jurisdiction of Canning P.S.

Police personnel in Canning P.S. had the written complaint, took down the whole lot and questioned Sabita Mandal thoroughly. Radhakanta Mandal was advised to move to Jibantala P.S. to lodge the complaint.

At 8.00 am, on 09.04.11, Radhakanta went to Jibantala P.S. along with her daughter but had to wait till 9.30 am only. Officer in Charge in Jibantala P.S. had a talk with the victim and her father. He questioned them in depth and also checked the ragged clothes. When Radhakanta was asked whether he will be able to show the broken gate, he confirmed. The written complaint was accepted then and both of them were promised that the O.C. would visit the house before long.

However there were striking exceptions at this time. Neither any official receipt of the complaint was given to Radhakanta Mandal nor was Sabita sent for any medical examination, obligatory as per Indian legal system. Again in spite of lofty assurances, no police officer came to the victim’s house till 10 am on 11.04.11.

Saifuddin Mistry, main culprit, fled from his village to steer clear of arrest. But, on 11.04.11, he came back to his village and was perceived to rove in the area. In line with local sources, Saifuddin has got assurance from Samsuddin Seikh, a.k.a. Gadda, a ruffian, quite close to Saukat Mollah, prominent CPIM leader and also president of Canning 2 Block Panchayat Samiti.

Will Sabita be able to get justice? This is the question of the day. But if versions of local populace are listened to, police personnel of Jibantala P.S. prefer to be trucklers of Saukat Mollah, potent enough in all aspects including maintaining a close relation with Rezzak Mollah, senior cabinet minister of ruling Left Front government. Meanwhile, Pappu Seikh offered Namita Mandal, aunt of Sabita Mandal, amount of five hundred rupees to come to terms. Namita refused the offer.

What the outcome would be is unknown yet but like 1940s police and administration has already started to cajole Muslim ruffians. Either Hindus of Bengal have to fight back under the competent leadership of Hindu Samhati or face the extinction.

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