Friday, April 15, 2011

Muslim zealot abuses Hindu housewife sexually

It’s the account of Mrs. Mina Mondal, inhabitant of Madari (Malancha), P.S. Minakha, Dist. 24 Paraganas (North), not different from the mounting harrowing experiences of thousands of other Hindu women, enough to shock any liberal and sane individual.

To be precise, Mrs. Mina Mondal, on 13/04/2011 around 12 pm, along with her adolescent niece, was going to the Shiva Temple at Jelepara to pray to the Almighty. In the midway, a Muslim ruffian named Kader Mollah, son of Khaleque Mollah, started abusing her. The Islamic crook not only used foul language but made expressions, unbearable for any woman. When Mina, in reply, stated that he would be beaten black and blue, Kader made himself nude and holding his penis proclaimed that he would do all with Mina he could.

He was even audacious enough to ask Mina that she could call on anyone to save her but that would not lead to any result. When Mina’s mother made efforts to stop Kader, the thug said that if he was a man she would have been thrashed.

Having no other options Mina lodged a complaint (GD No.: 90 dtd. 13/04/11) to P.S. Minakha along with her husband Abhijit Mandal and is waiting for the police’s affirmative measures.

Have you heard of any such incidents in your life ever? Is West Bengal all set to become another Talibanized Afghanistan?

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