Thursday, April 21, 2011

Muslims malign Hinduism, threaten Hindus in Sarberia

Only one chance is enough for Muslims to malign Hinduism. This was heard for days but its true form was perceived at Fakirtokia PashuHat, in Sarberia, P.S. Jibantala (South 24 Paraganas) on Poila Baisakh (15 April 2011). Islamic hardliners organized an all-night religious congregation on that day attended by no less than 500 people along with Maulanas (Islamic teachers). And one Muslim Maulabi, named Sheikh Zakir Hossain, left no stone unturned to make use of it.

Sheikh Zakir Hossain defiled Hindu Gods and Goddesses along with sanctified Hindu places at random. Goddess Kali was stated as nude and lusty woman, roaming with the head of Shiva. He also said Shiva is worshipped by Hindus only be severing his Linga. Indeed all these led to a great laughter among the Muslim crowd.

However, there was another scene in house (adjoining to the congregation) of Madan Sardar, an Adivasi, beautified for Sri Sri Narayan Puja. Microphone was being used as part of the Puja, enough to infuriate the army of Islamic zealots. The microphone was stopped forcefully by them and when women assembled in the house protested against this ghastly incident, they were threatened.

Muslim criminals warned that women would be raped in broad daylight if anyone dared to protest and also to go to the police station to lodge a complaint. It is to be noted that the criminals were outsiders and owing to fear, there was no protest any more. Hindus are in terrible fear these days.

What do you advise them to do?

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  1. We should unite under a common Bengali Hindu umbrella and start retaliating immediately unless it becomes too late...