Saturday, April 16, 2011

Muslims defile Hindu temples, assault Hindus in Mallikpur

It is as clear as daylight that Islamists are extending their tentacles in the length and breadth of West Bengal and it’s no longer a secret as well, this procedure, if remains unchecked, will lead to the complete extinction of Hindus in the state. Whatever may be the depiction of reality, many people are still not interested to listen to all these and have strong convictions on the inviolability of Indian Constitution and its effectiveness to hold India together. Growing vulnerability of Hindus in Mallikpur, P.S. Bhangar, Dist. 24 Paraganas (South) may be an eye-opener for them.

Milan Bazar area in Mallikpur, P.S. Bhangar used to have a good Hindu presence in the initial years of national independence but has come down to 20 Hindu families only in all these years, thanks to Muslim atrocities including their verbal abuses or affronts. To flex their muscles further, Muslims have been organizing Millat, on every 29 and 30 Chaitra (Bengali month), here for the last four years at stretch.

The episode doesn’t end here; Muslims have been making use of Hindu-owned lands besides to assault Hindus further. Hindus are forced to leave their cultivable lands for the said two days. At this time, neither can Hindus utilize those nor can they tread into even for once. Muslims put up their makeshift shops as part of the festival to make the entire celebration more glorious.

Tired and also devastated of all these, Hindus, this year, evolved a new strategy. They guarded their own lands, cultivated as well and for that reason their Islamic adversaries had hardly any option.

But Muslims are not so sane to accept all these peacefully. They were just rummaging around for revenge and on 30 th Chaitra, 14.03.2011, during the dead end of night, Islamic criminals broke into the main temple of the locality, ransacked, vilified the entire temple premises and broke the idols of Goddess Kali and Manasha. Hindu households were also not spared. Each and every one was slandered shocking people at large.

Hindus protested and reported the incident to local key members, happen to be Muslims only. Getting no assistance Hindus reported the incident to the adjoining police camp. But the response of the camp there was more appalling. As per police personnel, they were ready to lend a hand but Hindus must also think of their own safety and future.

What can Hindus do in such a situation?

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