Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hindus of Charghat celebrate victory through blood donation

It is being said for days that Hindu influence in the Indian state of West Bengal is on the wane; not only its social status is vulnerable to the fast changing reality but it’s also no secret anymore that administration is becoming apathetic to Hindus more and more. And if there is any skeptic secular Hindu in spite of all these, all he/she has to do is to go through the recent happenings in Charghat Darga Para, P.S- Swarup Nagar, Dist. North 24 Paraganas.

The entire area remained witness to the audacity of police and administration on 10 April 2011and how local police outpost officer Prabhat Pramanik crushed the pulpit of Charak Puja and spoke out (in company with Officer in charge of Swarup Nagar Police station Ananda Mohan Chakroborty) that Puja could continue minus the adjoining celebrations. But the fiery protest of Hindus compelled the administration to come to terms and state that Puja along with all predestined programs would continue.

The feeling of victory was comprehended when the blood donation camp was organized pompously on 12 April 2011and 33 people including 16 women donated blood. Even if tension prevails in the vicinity and police has built a strong security zone around the entire premise, none can deny the joy of triumph among Hindus.

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