Monday, April 18, 2011

Hindus tortured in Kumarjole, Minakha

Do you revel in the Hindu religious celebrations? If you are and even if it’s a righteous act, the time has come to make a second thought. The foremost reason behind all these is that your Islamic brethren (?) may become annoyed and alleged secular political parties would engage in fighting with others to disown you. Don’t consider this as any hyperbole; experiences of Hindu residents in Village Chowringhee Babu Khola in Kumarjole Minakha area, P.S. Minakha, Dist. 24 Paraganas (North) portray the fast changing reality.

Shiv Gajan is a highly popular event amid the Hindu culture in Bengal and has been going on around 30 Chaitra and Polia Baisakh for centuries, if not more. Likewise, residents of Village Chowringhee Babu Khola, determined to celebrate their century-old festival, brought out their own procession in the street. It is to be noted that Muslims in the locality have been celebrating their own religious ceremony, at the same time, just to malign Hindus. The uproar initiated when Hindus were prevented on last Friday (15 April 2011) from moving on any longer; drummers were beaten up as any kind of drum-beating is an insult to their religion. Muslims were brandishing all kinds of deadly weapons but failed to tame Hindus.

Hindus fought back with immense courage surprising Muslims a lot. However they had to suffer injuries and go to the hospital.

In the midst of all these, political parties, mere witnesses till the other day, have come to the fore and are pressuring Hindus to settle down the case. There can’t be any compromise, such is the standpoint of Hindus and they are intending to carry on the struggle.

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