Friday, April 15, 2011

Police brings Charak Puja to a halt in Charghat again

There is simply no end to anguishes of the people of Charghat Darga Para, P.S- Swarup Nagar, Dist. North 24 Paraganas in the Indian state of West Bengal. It has recently been reported how the local police and administration there played a villainous role, harassed the hapless Hindus there on the eve of Charak Puja and concurrent Utsav and how local police outpost officer Prabhat Pramanik (on 10 April 2011) crushed the pulpit of Charak Puja and spoke out (in company with Officer in charge of Swarup Nagar Police station Ananda Mohan Chakroborty) that Puja could continue minus the adjoining celebrations, and later owing to public outrage acceded to the popular demand of organizing Puja.

It is needless to say that the entire activity of the police was instigated by a few key members of the Muslim community, infamous thugs of the locality.

It would have been best, had this been the last. Administration has shown its terrible face yet again by calling the entire festival a halt all of a sudden. Well, the administration is not without any reason. It has stated the entire event, going on for more than 52 years without break, as illegal and rancorous for the neighborhood, even if other ceremonies including that of Muslims are in full swing. The administration has also been able to have a bond or written promise from the village youth.

Now the question remains – what is going on over here. Has the administration ceased to exist, especially in case of persecutions on Hindus?

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