Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hindus in Raidighi oppressed for endorsing Hindu Samhati views

A perilous reality has come to the fore in Bengal of late - it is a crime to support Hindu views and anyone who is ever found to endorse views of Hindu Samhati will be tortured cruelly (at any time).  The info can be a bit amusing and also fib to Left champions of Human Rights but not to Hindus suffering the Islamic outrage, as a result, more and more. Such a shocking incident has taken place in village: Giller Chat 27 no. Lat, P.S. Raidighi, Sub-division: Diamond Harbor, District: 24 Paraganas (South) on January 30, 2012.  The precise village of Giller Chat 27 no. Lat has become a wholehearted supporter of Hindu Samhati and its desperate struggles for Hindus.

With this end in view, Hindu youths of the village, on the fateful day, were engaged in distributing leaflets, fastening banners of Hindu Samhati, urging people to join the upcoming 4 th annual convention of the organization in Kolkata on February 14, 2012. Muslims in the environs took exception of the words in the banners and leaflets, especially “to protest against blatant minority appeasement in the State” resulting into brutal persecution of Hindus. The scuffle initiated when Muslims tried to tear leaflets and banners and Hindus tried to stop them.

It has been learnt, a few Muslims were present there at the outset but they were joined by a large number of their co-religionists within the next few minutes. The entire operation was led by SUCI (political party known for its anti-Hindu activities for years), in accordance with villagers.

The brutally injured Hindus, as a result of Muslim savagery, include Biswajit Naskar, Buddhanath Gayen, Priyabhs Gayen, Jayanti Gayen, Madhusudhan Gayen, Siddhartha Gayen along with lots of others.  police has already seized Biswajit Naskar, Buddhanath Gayen, and Priyabhs Gayen for interrogation.

Muslim thugs taking active part in the savagery are Rouf Ali, Hashem Fakir, Rahim Mir, Roichuddin Baidya, Abdullah Baidya, Echup Baidya, Yunus Gharami, Nurjamal Baidya, Mannan Mollah, Nurjaman Baidya, Farman Gharami. They were led by Nasir Sheikh, Ala Baidya and Rouf Ali. All are known as active SUCI workers in the neighborhood.

The police, true to its character, is acting as an ideal lapdog ever busy to sustain and preserve Muslim interest. FIR of Hindus is yet to be received.  

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