Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hindu Samhati battles Islamic design to belittle Kali temple in Baruipur, emerges victorious

This is the story of a Kali temple, located in the village of Ramnagar, P.S. Baruipur, District: 24 Paraganas (South) and how it was impeded thanks to a nasty Islamic design and recovered later only due to the desperate struggles of Hindu Samhati activists. Undoubtedly, Hindu Samhati is becoming a major force in Bengal to represent, sustain and fight for the Hindu interest.  

The Kali temple is stationed in the Ramnagar market and even a few days back a vacant land existed alongside the venerated place of worship. A piece of land there amounting to 8ft x 2ft was sold by the Hindu landowner to a Muslim businessman. Without wasting time, the Muslim businessman made a shop, erected a wall leaving a narrow way equaling 1 ft. in breadth to enter the temple. Hindus in the neighborhood raised lots of objection and some even personally tried to convince the businessman but he preferred to shrug off all these.  All these happened on January 3, 2011 leaving the Hindu environs fuming. Nevertheless, Hindus didn’t harm him physically.

The tension was on the rise and when all efforts to make the Muslim businessman comprehend the reality failed completely, local Hindu Samhati committee was informed. HS activists arrived there in groups on January 5 and tried to convince in the past manner. But the narrow-mindedness and insolence of the Muslim entrepreneur tuned out to be unbearable gradually and HS activists, at last, started breaking the wall.

Sensing gravity of the situation local political parties including Trinamool Congress (TMC) and CPIM intervened and requested Hindu Samhati to partake in a meeting. After lots of discussions, the Panchayat led by TMC found out a solution. The decision was that the way to enter to the temple would be of 4 ft. henceforth. The Muslim entrepreneur has conceded to all these ultimately and has agreed to increase height of the shop eventually.    

As per Hindu Samhati, TMC has played a strong and positive role in this regard. 

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