Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bengal government firm to better Muslims in state sacrificing Hindus

There is simply no end to the saga of minority appeasement in Bengal, carried out vigorously by the Left brigade during its halcyon days, and Trinamool Congress-led government in the state has vowed to give it a final touch. With this end in view, its mentor-turned-chief-turned-generalissimo Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of Bengal, is all set to institute a minority department in every district. This is not all. A separate employment exchange for minorities will also be there in each district! The annunciations have already been made; these are accompanied with two more. A  new 'Haj House' will be set up on 5 acres of land at Rajarhat and a new campus of Aliah University will be installed  on 20 acres. Surely Muslims will gloat a lot leading to her crowning as the greatest benefactor of Islam in India thus far.  

Apart from the district-wise minority department and the separate employment exchange, Mamata Banerjee was also found to affirm, "There are plans to provide skill development training to 15,000 students... We are setting up four Industrial Training Institutes and two polytechnics for minorities." The government, in addition, has an objective to allocate loans amounting to Rs.415 crore in 2011-12, and the CM stated smugly there would be no compromise in the interest of the minorities and the current hapless fiscal condition of Bengal will not be an impediment to all these.

All these were said at an event organized of late by West Bengal Minority Development Finance Corporation. The corporation dispensed loans and scholarship of Rs 68.64 crore to the students of minority communities, especially Muslims.

Where are Hindus then? They are no where. 

It’s the time for a Hindu to analyze the entire development meticulously and take the decision. This is no longer any fair game or a mark of good will expressed by the majority Hindu community. It is a desperate way to have supports of Islamic community in Bengal through sacrificing Hindu interests. Where will the necessary money come from? Money doesn’t fall from heaven; general developments, without doubt, will be compromised to fulfill the noble (?) promise to placate Muslims in Bengal.

Has the Bengal government adopted any plan to better Hindus exclusively? The answer is NO; it will be regarded as a blemish on the saga of Secularism or simply a breach.    

A few Hindus have already started to express gratitude to the TMC-led government for easing the Holy visit to Gangasagar, going on at the moment. Does the infrastructural development of Gangasagar Mela match the pledges
made to Muslims at all? If faith could move mountains…………………….. 

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