Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hindu students robbed to better Muslim students

A new diktat of Bengal Government is knocking the door – new educational institutes looking for minority status in Bengal have got to reserve 50 percent seats for students of the very community from this time forth.

Any person seeing the above lines will conclude (definitely) that it is a part of Bengal government’s approach to better minority people. If you are the same individual, here is kudos from me. The diktat happens to be a part of the novel set of rules devised by the State Minority Affairs and Madrasa Education Department with regard to bestowing the coveted minority status to educational institutions. The draft proposal, as per information, is going to be placed before the State Cabinet before long.

A similar kind of proposal had been put before the State Cabinet terming that all institutes, desiring to have minority status, new or old, would have to conform to the same norm and this would certainly have led to the destruction of minority status of the majority of Christian schools in the city. Christian schools, on no account, can enroll students of their community for 50 percent seats. But the stance was softened and it has been learnt that chief minister Mamata Banerjee stepped in to improve the Christian lot.

Has the chief minister mediated ever to advance Hindu students’ lot thus far? The answer is NO. There has never been any such approach from the reigning Bengal government, like its predecessor, in this regard and there is no hope of it. Endorsement of anything tagged Hindu gets similar to communalism whereas escalating minorityism is the newest definition of Secularism.

If we refer to history such a excruciating environment surfaced during the late 30s and early 40s when Muslim students, owing to abrupt benevolence (of similar types) of then British government, turned out to be more partisan (more than that was conceived ever) culminating to the strengthening of Pakistan movement. The Pakistan movement sealed Hindu fate forever.

If Hindus fail to act now, then, they will be doomed to repeat the mistakes of history in 1947. Hindus have no way except struggling to dismantle governmental projects to better minority community students robbing Hindu students.

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