Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hindus in Shantipur firm to regain legitimate Hindu lands

Hindus in Shantipur, District: Nadia, are getting more and more vulnerable to precarious Islamic approaches, backed by administration and various political parties, and as per recent information, Topkhana area in the town has turned into the prime target of Muslims. Reason?  A tract amounting 24 bighas has become the bone of contention between the two religious communities. The Muslim community, devoid of any legal basis, was enjoying the vast land for decades but Hindus, led by Hindu Samhati, have come up and are exerting their own rights. This has annoyed Muslims; they are gearing up to teach Hindus a lesson.

Let’s look into the tract then.  The extensive area of land can easily be divided into 4 blocks (for easy and better understanding). Land consisting of trashes only equals to 3 bighas, old and defunct Hindu crematorium (controlled by Muslims virtually and used as their necropolis or cemetery too) is of 2 bighas, an Islamic burial chamber of 9 bighas while the remnant happens to be Khas land (including properties of erstwhile affluent Hindus) only.

Muslims used to enjoy this extensive area, a time-honored practice in the area as well, for decades. Nevertheless, after decades of slumber, Hindus, led by Hindu Samhati, have finally woke up and to put their legitimate rights forth altogether, they became active to make the administration opt for another measurement of the aforesaid disputable land. On December, 2011, after painstaking measurements, 2.5 bighas of Khas land was found out and this new development has deprived Muslims of using the land as a cemetery any longer. However, the same area is yet to be controlled by Hindus.

Hindus consider that more such legitimate Hindu lands are in the area and with this end in view, they have applied to various echelons of the administration to initiate a new procedure of measurement. The administration is yet to sanction a new investigation in the area.

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