Monday, January 16, 2012

Hindu determination in Shantipur makes adversaries give in

Woes of Hindus in Shantipur, District: Nadia, owing to recurrent Islamic onslaughts, refuse to end and the latest target happens to be the Topkhana Para (Radhanagar), P.S. Shantipur and the basic reason behind the ongoing scuffle is the 18 kathas of vacant land belonging to a Muslim, named Sebu Khan, residing in Bangladesh at this point in time. The area, without any exception, is populated by Hindus mainly, barring 2 Muslim families. Sebu Khan, in spite of living in Bangladesh, is not sitting alone and in accordance with sources, he has hatched a conspiracy to hand over the entire tract to Muslims altogether, objected by Hindus en masse. Hindus, getting experienced through ages of struggle, can easily apprehend that any success of Sebu Khan’s stratagem would lead to Islamic victory in the environs and defeat and subsequent flight of Hindus from the area. It has also been learnt that the aforesaid 2 Muslim families are working tooth and nail to bring more Muslim families into the area.

When on earth the terrible situation was learnt, Hindu Samhati activists went to the area and organized defence without more ado. And smelling a rat local Muslims, forming a single group, went to the local police station to lodge a formal complaint against the Hindu resurgence. Sensing worst may take place at any moment, police thought it wise to go for a straight and thorough conversation to resolve the sudden crisis.

On December 03, 2010, a meeting, for this reason, was convened but it was foiled by Hindu insistence that land would be sold to Hindus only. Local political parties have made numerous efforts to convince Hindus but they, being certain of pro-Muslim outlook of these organizations, have disposed of these attempts. And truly, such firmness is generating success now; Muslims, finally, have agreed to hand over 9 kathas of land to Hindus. Nevertheless, Hindus have declined this too and are steadfast in their original demand – the entire land has got to be given to them at the same instant.

Muslims are not taking this Hindu stance lightly; sources confirm that they are regrouping to teach Hindus a lesson. Hindus are also enhancing defence.  

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