Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hindu-Muslim clash over Saraswati Puja in Bagnan

Muslim misbehavior with Hindu girls sparked troubles

History is recurring; in the momentous days of 1940s celebration of Saraswati Puja turned out to be the greatest bone of contention between Hindus and Muslims. While Muslims, on no account, were ready to accept the same ever, Hindus were determined to do the same in any way – leading to riots in various parts of then undivided Bengal. The same is taking place once more and village: Ramchandrapur Kaity para, P.S. - Bagnan. District: Howrah does bear testimony of the same. On January 29, at 9 pm, when a function regarding Saraswati Puja was in full might in the village, Muslim youths misbehaved with Hindu girls leading to serious clashes between the two communities. 

To celebrate the occasion, Hindu girls, in large numbers, were present there and wild Muslim youths found it as the best time to taunt (endeavoring to use sexually implicit words even) Hindu girls. There was indeed a protest and an attempt to stop Muslim youths but all these fell flat within a few next moments. And the failure increased audaciousness of the wild Muslim youths altogether. Finding no other way, Hindu youths tried to oust them and this effort led to a series of scuffles.     

The Puja pandal and ‘Ghat’ (sanctified mainstay of the Puja) were broken by the Muslim hoodlums and Gouranga Kaity and Samiran Maity were terribly injured. While Gouranga’s right hand was injured (suffered 4 stitches), Samiran got a heavy blow on his face.

The incident was enough to stimulate Hindus who also responded equally and Muslim hoodlums were heavily thrashed.  Such was the extent of thrash that no Muslim has dared to challenge the Hindu might thus far.

However, police raided 21 Hindu houses instead of taking the Muslim hoodlums into custody.

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