Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Islamic cleric warns Trinamool-government for its alleged failure to pacify Muslims

Will this embark on a new era of Muslim appeasement in Bengal?

Whatever the efforts of newly elected Trinamool Congress-led government to appease Muslims in Bengal are, it is apparent that they have got to go a long way more as the Islamic leaders of the state, terming the government as uncooperative, are aggrieved yet!

Well, the statement may raise eyebrows of people of Bengal in general, miffed to witness mounting placatory stratagems of TMC to woo their Muslim compadres or buddies. But this has to be accepted as reality (who cares if you’re annoyed!) as none other than Fazlur Rehman, influential Muslim cleric in Bengal, has accused the government for being noncommittal and reluctant to better the community in the state. All these were witnessed on January 12, 2012 (Thursday) during the assemblage of All Bengal Minority Council and clerics there also stated candidly (in concert too) that MPs (Member of Parliament) of ruling coalition are busy in garnering bribes to authorize madrasas.

It is worthwhile to mention that on September 01, 2011 present Chief Minister of Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, stated distinctly in State Assembly that 90% of assurances given to Muslims had been completed within 100 days. But Fazlur Rehman is reluctant to accept the same and as per him, the governmental enterprise to resolve problems in Singur, Hilly tracts or even Jungle areas of the state are not being found in case of Muslims. The Islamic cleric, without respite, states Muslim votes (among each three voters in the state there is one Muslim individual) have played the greatest role in changing the political dimension in the state but they are being discarded at this point in time. The state government is not with them and hence, Muslims must group together to assert their claims.

Fazlur Rehman states, “The present government needs time and we will give it. But each and every movement will be scrutinized.” He has also said that madrasas suffered partisan stances in the Left regime which has increased majorly under this government.

Whether there is any fault can be assessed and rectified by the present Bengal government itself and this happens to be its constitutional privilege. But in no way an Islamic cleric can launch a veiled threat to any democratically elected government ever. Perhaps there is no such constitutional privilege for any Muslim cleric. How can this go on then and watched silently by the mainstream media refusing to miss any chance to malign organizations or individuals speaking of legitimate rights of Hindus altogether?

Does democracy or freedom of speech in India entail Muslims only?       

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