Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hindus in Kalyanpur persecuted brutally

Where is the civil society, champions of Human Rights now?

24 Paraganas (South) district in the Indian state of Bengal has become a Muslim-majority district virtually; each and every Hindu arena here is facing the brunt of mounting Islamic fundamentalism hence, and village: Kalyanpur, P.S. Mandirbazar has become its latest target. Sudipukur , a Muslim dominated village in its neighborhood, and its Muslim inhabitants have turned into its worst tormentors and on January 27, Friday, a hell (devised by the Islamic fundamentalists scrupulously) struck the Hindu village.  Muslims, in large numbers, along with deadly weapons, entered Hindu residences to teach Hindus a lesson and along with plundering they molested a large number of Hindu women.

The question remains of the genesis behind such a violent Islamic eruption. Muslims of Sudipukur have been playing vicious ploys with Hindus of Kalyanpur for years, whether it is through striving to grab Hindu lands or harassing Hindu women in public or during their bathing in village ponds. Even after lots of requests from Hindus to stop all these, Muslim boys, enthused by their seniors, remain intransigent. And with the passing of each day, their audaciousness is increasing by leaps and bounds. They have started to make use of exclusive Hindu courtyard as passages creating disturbances for Hindu women in particular.

On January 27, Muslims, engaged in making a metal road, were using the same Hindu courtyards like before and to prevent it, at 10 am, Laxminath Sardar (age 24) asked them not to do this. After just 30 minutes of this a few Muslim boys came and asked Laxminath the reasons behind his argument and to know this better he was asked to have a chat of this with them. Little did he know that Muslims, no less than 250 in numbers, was waiting for him and once he went there, Muslims started beating him mercilessly. Hindu women tried desperately to save Laxminath but they were molested.

A few Hindu men who also tried best to save Laxminath were persecuted. They include Chandicharan Haldar (age 35), Tapas Sardar (age 24), Swarupananda Swami (age 62). Women who were molested and also tortured brutally include Aloka Haldar, Sandhya Haldar, Madhu Haldar, Kalpana Sardar, Angurbala Sardar, Madhabi Haldar (age 15). Madhabi was threatened to be raped. The persecution refuses to end – Muslims are going on with their warnings to kill Hindus of Kalyanpur en masse.

Bichitra Chandan Sardar, husband of Shibani Sardar, Head of local Panchayat, while mediating, was also brutally manhandled and beaten. While beating Muslims entered Hindu households to teach Hindus a lesson.

Hindus in Kalyanpur are living in abject condition, extreme fear. The local administration is yet to consider the brutal Hindu persecution.

Has the civil society ceased to exist?

(Hindu villagers of Kalyanpur terrified; token police presence of no help)

(Devastated Hindu courtyards)

(Hindu courtyards for Muslims only!)

(Another Hindu courtyard used by Muslims) 

(Metalled road of Muslims to enter Hindu ares easily)

Muslims use this area to see Hindu women while bathing 

Chandicharan Haldar (age 35)

(Madhabi Haldar - age 15, threatened to be raped)

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