Friday, January 20, 2012

Funds to better Muslims in Bengal showered

Hindus bite the dust

It’s a D-day for minorities (Muslims virtually) in Bengal as more funds for their all-round developments from the Centre are reaching the state’s shore by and by. And this happens to be a decision of a meeting, participated by Mr. TKA Nair, advisor to the Prime Minister, Mr. Rajiv Topno, Director in PMO, Smt. Mamata Banerjee, chief minister of Bengal, Mr. Samar Ghosh, chief secretary to Bengal Government. A painstaking discussion to develop minority-dominated areas in the state took place. 

It has come to the knowledge, Rs 750 crore was formally approved three years ago to execute multi-sectoral development program (MSDP) to better minorities altogether and the state government, thus far, has received Rs 610 crore to put an assortment of services into operation. These include establishment of vocational institutes and rendering arsenic free drinking water. The balance will be sent soon, as per Mr. TKA Nair.

What novel projects are going to be implemented? Two polytechnic colleges along with six Industrial Training Institutes (ITI), meant for minorities in particular, are among these. Besides, scholarships worth Rs 150 will be rendered to minority students in the coming year. While 12 districts are already under the MSDP project, 2 more are going to be added soon.

All these are nice proclamations. Isn’t it? But this wicked scribe is defiant enough to ask some questions. Where has the reigning government got data from that Hindus in the state get arsenic free drinking water round the clock? Has the Trinamool-led government (like its predecessor) ever desired to know mounting anguishes of Hindus in Bengal? The answer is simple – never.

Not to speak of the earlier Left Front government, the present Trinamool government, as well, has no data of the steady rise of unemployment, illiteracy, dearth of governmental supports among Hindus. Hindu agricultural laborers are ruined almost; while on one hand they are being religiously persecuted, on the other hand they are being smashed economically and both are being done by powerful Muslim landowners enjoying supports of the Islamic mass in the environs.

Canning, headquarter of Sub-division: Canning and also a predominant community development block in District: 24 Paraganas (South) – a Muslim-majority area virtually, is a classic example. Due to its proximity to river and the sea, fishery happens to be the premier business in Canning and the majority of this belonged to Hindus even almost two decades back. With the passing of years, Muslims of the area, backed by the local administration, Left Front government (lured by factors like Muslim votes for them en masse), and their Islamic brothers from across the border, have been robbing Hindus of their fisheries, capable enough to earn crores in a single year. The Hindus, as a result, have either fled or turned into paupers. Some of them are working as paid laborers in the fisheries of their new Muslim bosses.  

Urban unemployment has become a cause of concern for Hindus; unlike Muslims they can’t have funds indispensable for their steady growth.  How can the rural sectors be far behind? Distinguished weaving industry in Fulia, town in P.S. Shantipur, Sub-division: Ranaghat, District: Nadia, dominated by Hindus, is simply tottering at the moment due to lack of governmental initiatives.  And the list goes without end.    

What will happen to Hindus? Much-advertised “Poriborton” or Change is not for Hindus by any means. They are still in the nom-Muslim category. Undivided India was partitioned based on a single chronicle – Muslim and non-Muslim. And the tradition goes on. 

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