Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ghastly attempt to rape Hindu housewife in Bengal

Whatever may be the spell of change (Poriborton) in the state of West Bengal, it is getting evident that there can’t be any change in Hindu women’s vulnerability to Muslim miscreants, hell-bent to ravish them forever and a day. The latest victim is Shefali Tarafdar, aged 27, wife of Nepal Tarafdar, daily laborer, residing in village Ramchandrapur, P.S. Bongaon, Dist: 24 Paraganas (North) and the attempt to rape against her took place at 11 am today itself.

The criminal, in this case, is Huzur Ali, aged 40, son of Siddique, resident of neighboring village, Bhire. It has come to the knowledge that the incident took place when Shefali was in the field for cattle grazing. Huzur got hold of Shefali all of a sudden and made series of attempts to rape her straight away. This led to a great tussle between the two and to save herself from both utter destruction and attacks of the Muslim criminal, Shefali thrust the metal stick (essential for cattle grazing) on Huzur’s head. The desperate counteraction wounded Huzur and Shefali was rescued.

The gruesome incident led to a strong resentment in the Hindu neighborhood and the Bongaon-Shutia thoroughfare was blocked off by local Hindus as a mark of protest and for arrest of the said culprit. To steer clear of these, Huzur Ali has fled from the village along with his wife.

Even at the time of penning this report, blocking is in full swing and even police and administrative officials are finding it difficult to enter the village.

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