Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hindu women teased; Hindu properties destroyed in Bongaon

On 26 June, in the village of Bagan Gaon, P.S. Bongaon, Dist.: 24 Paraganas (North), eve-teasing of a Hindu woman led to a great scuffle between Hindus and Muslims and ultimately to the destruction of Hindu properties. The news may not amaze anymore as this is becoming a norm in rural Bengalincreasingly but without doubt each such incident is pointing towards an inevitable doomsday, especially for Hindus.

The incident on June 26 started at 7 pm when Ratna Kirtania, married Hindu woman of 35 years of age, was returning from the nearby market. An intoxicated Hindu boy, named Khude, inhabitant of adjoining village of Pat Simulia, insulted Ratna. Hindus of the area, in response, led by Ratna’s uncle, not only protested but thrashed him also. The incident could have ended there had not the Muslims interfered.

Another boy, equally intoxicated, was watching the entire incident from a distance. When a few people, containing 3 Muslims of adjoining village of Ganpur, from behind asked him to move out and let them go, he challenged them. The brawl ended there but Muslims returned and informed elders of the Muslim-dominated village.

No less than 80 Muslims came to the village of Bagan Gaon in a vehicle and the moment they reached and identified Hindu houses along with paternal residence of Ratna, they started plundering. The whole house of Dipankar, Ratna's uncle, was reduced to rubbles within next 30 minutes and valuables were stolen. Apart from golden jewelries, valuables included a machine of squeezing sugarcane (Akhmarai) worth Rs. 25,000 and the cycle van where it was positioned.

What made Dipakar's residence prime target? Probes reveal two things. The incident of Muslim attacks, on that fateful day, was the result of a wrong information. Dipankar says when the large contingent of Muslims (containing at least 80) came back, they asked in bazaar (Haat Bar or market day) of the entire development and they were informed of Ratna’s incident only. They supposedly considered it as the main reason behind thrashing of Muslims. This led to plundering of Hindu houses and above all, of Dipankar.

Secondly, the entire vicinity is the bastion of smugglers or smuggling through Indo-Bangaldesh border. At times, these activities injure Hindu lands a great deal. For example, when cows are smuggled they are driven through Hindu agricultural fields and both fields and crops get damaged. Dipankar, on many occasions, have led Hindus to be compensated by such offenders, majority of which are Muslims. Dipankar is wondering whether these acts of him stimulated Muslims to make his house prime target in the recent carnage.

An FIR has been lodged by the Hindu victims and even if police has assured them, they are in fright due to lack of security. It has been learnt Muslim attackers are traditional CPM supporters. Hindus, hence, are relying on the local Trinamool leadership.

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