Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beware Hindu girls

Your boyfriend may be a sham Hindu

Tara Sardar, daughter of Tapan Sardar, is a minor girl of 16 years and a resident of Rajgunj, Shitalatala, Banipur No.2 Panchayat, P.S. Sankrail, Dist: Howrah in West Bengal. She happens to be one of millions of girls in this Indian state and there was no reason to refer her in this article, had not she been the fresh prey of Love Jihad. Even if the term is new to many readers, Love Jihad has become tainted already since it’s a complete illegal activity through which Islamic activists target Hindu girls and convert them to Islam by shamming love.

Tara Sardar has also gone through these phases. She was thoroughly deceived by Hasem Mollah, a Muslim lad of 22 years, pretending to be an ideal Hindu (soft-spoken and gentle too) from the very beginning of the courtship. She fell in his love him as a result and was abducted on June 09, 2011. Hasem Mollah, shamming to be a Hindu still, married her conforming to all Hindu religious rituals, essential for an ideal Vedic marriage.

But his true color came to the fore afterwards. Tara was asked to shed her bangles and also to wipe-out Sindoor (mark of a Hindu married woman) without delay. When astonished Tara asked for reasons, Hasem told that he was a Muslim by birth. Shell-shocked Tara Sardar had no other choice except yielding to his diktats.

Meanwhile, Tara Sardar’s parents got deeply worried and notified Hindu Samhati leadership in the locality. When a proper introspeciton was conducted, reality came to the fore. To rescue the girl an FIR was lodged – case no. 363,366 dtd. 12.06.2011.

In accordance with latest information, Tara Sardar and Hasem Mollah were found in a house during a police raid and Hasem, for the moment, is languishing in lock up.

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