Friday, June 10, 2011

Hindu Bagdis in Baruipur battered cruelly for supporting CPM

Baruipur, city and also a municipality in 24 Paraganas district (South) in the Indian state of West Bengal, positioned within 25 km from Sealdah Station, is known to all. It was known more as a CPIM bastion (completely under the grip of Sujan Chakraborty, ex-MP of Jadavpur Loksabha constituency) till the appearance of West Bengal Assembly Election, 2011 result. Nevertheless, the post-election situation perceives a dramatic shift in the area altogether. Bagdipara, close to ShasariBattala in RamNagar 1 Panchayat, beside Baruipur, is inhabited by 50 Hindu families, known to be dedicated CPM followers.

Kajirabad, neighboring village of Bagdipara, is a predominant Muslim stronghold; the majority of which has become ardent supporters of TMC (Trinamool Congress). A few Muslim CPM followers do exist still.

On May 13, 2011, following the massive win of Trinamool Congress in Bengal Assembly Election, 2011, Bagdipara was attacked by Muslims in night all of a sudden. The one and only crime of Bagdipara was their traditional support to CPM. Residences of Nishikanta Sardar, Satya Sardar, Mohanta Mandal, Magur Mandal were simply plundered and the dwellers were also thrashed brutally.

The frenzied mob, as per villagers in Bagdipara, was led by Saiful Mandal, Yunus Sardar, Rafiq Sardar, Kahar Sardar – TMC’s Deputy Chief in the area; all are from the same village of Kajirabad. Havoc was so excessive that male members of Bagdipara had no way other than spending night in fields. On the early next morning, aforementioned Kahar Sardar came to Bagdipara and expressing compassion stated that the same would never happen again and Hindus, as a result, could live in their own houses. The statement soothed aggrieved souls and Hindus started to live in their own houses again.

But hell came down on Hindu villagers completely when on May 14, 2011 (next day) at 11 pm Islamic supremacists attacked Bagdipara once more. Violence and attack on Hindus, at this time, brought shame on the earlier one even. Getting desperate and to call repeated assaults a halt, some Hindus went to house of Mrs. Shefali Sardar, local head of Trinamool Congress, in the neighboring village of Shasari. Shefali Devi, to be precise, got highly irritated owing to this disturbance. Whatever it is, she phoned Kahar hearing the entire development.

Kahar said clearly, “I am sleeping in my residence.” Shefali Devi said, “Lots of people have come to my home and are speaking of torments on them. Come to my house straight away.” When Kahar arrived, Shefali Devi showed him the throng, consisting of no less than 100 people at the dead of night, and also notified of charges against him. These made Kahar bitter and threatening Hindu protesters he asked, “Has anyone of you ever seen me among attackers?” Bagdis, in spite of great fear, said that they had seen him. Kahar, raising his voice more, asked, “Have you identified me? Can you people provide evidence?” Bagdis realized that Shefali was not with them but was pushing them to a greater danger.

Comprehending the real situation Bagdis left the place without a sound and spending night in the field, they went away for their relatives in the distance. They were not in a position to lodge complaints in police station. And they knew well that Bengal’s police and administration, grovelers of CPM once, had changed overnight to slavish stooges of TMC. Police would not agree to their allegations, therefore.

It is to be noted, despite excessive assaults on Hindus for supporting CPM, residences of Muslim CPM leaders in Kajirabad remained virtually untouched. They include Abdul; Khaleq Dhali (ex-Head), Amir Ali Mandal (Branch Secretary) and Moktar Tarafdar. When persecuted Bagdis were asked of reasons behind not seeking help from Sujan Chakraborty of CPM, their answer was specific. As per them, majestic power (formerly) of Sujan Chakraborty has ceased to exist and being fearful of own life, the ex-commander of CPM remains in own house under lock and key round the clock.

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