Thursday, June 9, 2011

Frenzied Muslims make brutal attacks on Hindus in Asansol to stop temple construction

Muslims can beat you up, burn your belongings and also slit your throat for being an infidel, but if you dare to strike back, it will lead to a lasting combat only. This mood is getting progressively common among Muslims across the globe and also amid Muslims in Asansol, imperative industrial metropolis in the Indian state of Bengal. The same dirty mindset stimulated a band of Muslims to launch an unprovoked and also brutal assault on Hindus on 2011-06-04 at 11 am in Bastim Bazar, positioned within Asansol Market area, P.S: Asansol (North). The attack was a part of slanderous campaigns of Muslims (for years) to take over a land containing temple, known as mainstay of local Hindu population, in the vicinity.

The problem started with the decision of Atin Chowdhury, former owner of the said land, in 2009 to sell it to Adre Alam Ansari and Badre Alam Ansari. The land was bought by Muslims through 20 lakhs of cash but Hindus staged strong demonstrations against the entire dealing. Notably, Durga Puja used to be celebrated in the abode of Sri Chowdhury with splendor for 60 years at a stretch. Hindus were fearful that purchase of land by Muslims would call the Puja a halt.

Strength of Hindu demonstrations even cautioned the local administration and to steer clear of any untoward development, Hindus were asked to pay Rs 45 lakhs to get the land’s ownership, within a week. The entire transaction took place before the SDO and it goes without saying that transaction was officially permitted and land got registered in the name of Sri Sri DurgaMata Charitable Trust.

Hindus, in this regard, were led by Bastim Bazaar Sarbojanin Durga Puja Committee and construction of a temple started in the land. But Muslims were not ready to give in so easily.

Heated exchanges of words and frictions between the two communities became quite common in the following days. During the month April, 2011 more altercations were noticed making the administration unnerved increasingly. Worsening situations proved that Muslims were not ready to accept Hindus’ just claims on the temple. To curtail tension, a meeting took place with the presence of ADM on 2011-04-12. Muslims raised some uncanny demands in the meeting. As per them, the new temple would have to be small, deity would be on the first floor instead of ground floor (so that they could perform their own daily religious rituals freely). There were others too. While the Hindus protested, ADM rejected the demands terming those as unconstitutional and gave Hindus the coveted order to go on with temple construction. All these left the Muslims fuming.

Finally, on 2011-06-04 at 11 am in Bastim Bazar, there was a sudden attack of a frenzied Muslim mob, led by Firoz Khan, Alam Khan, Guddu Khan (these 3 brothers are capturing a portion of land of temple) and Mohammad Sunny, on Hindus. In the beginning, Hindus were badly beaten. They sought help of local police and administration, instead. While the talking was going on with the administration, there was a second attack on Hindus. Finding no other option, Hindus did strike back this time, compelled local Muslim shop owners to close down shops and even blockaded the adjacent G.T. Road. Hindu might astonished Muslim thugs even.

When Hindus receded, some Muslim youths came forth but they were lathi-charged soon by the police force. Tension is present in the locality. Police force is patrolling and construction of temple is stopped at the moment.

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