Friday, June 24, 2011

Hindu youths stabbed for resisting Muslim rowdies’ eve-teasing of Hindu girls

If you do not struggle, you can’t live – the philosophy casting a hypnotic spell on the whole of Europe and United States is finally getting a stronghold among Hindus too and what is the need of it has been depicted by the incident in Uttar Nibra Panchanantala, P.S. Domjur, Dist: Howrah in Indian state of Bengal. Two Hindu youths, Malo Ram and Babla Bera, were stabbed in broad daylight only on yesterday; they had dared to protest against eve-teasing of Hindu girls by Muslim thugs.

In accordance with locals, eve-teasing by Muslim thugs has been a major problem in the locality but even after lots of complaints, police is yet to get active. Yesterday, during afternoon, four such thugs, regular visitors to Uttar Nibra Panchanantala from Ankurhati in the vicinity, arrived as usual and started teasing Hindu girls and using foul languages to make the job more erotic. To be precise, at this time Hindu girls return to home from tuition classes. Finding no other way to stop them Malo Ram (26) and Babla Bera (27) strongly protested.

Within the next couple of minutes both were stabbed. While Malo Ram received severe injuries on his neck and hands, Babla Bera got injuries on the back. Both were rushed to the Howrah District Hospital. What followed these was nothing but a mass outrage. Angry locals got hold of two of four Muslim guys riding motorcycles and manhandled them. Malo Ram is still in hospital, Babla Bera has been released after treatments.

The two Muslim rowdies – Hasan Gazi (28) and Mukul Ali (27) – were then handed over to the police. They were remanded in police custody after being produced before a court. Local people stated that they had asked the youths some days ago not to visit the area any longer. Compliant with unofficial sources, Muslim youths, after being protested by two Hindu youths, came back with more people.

Injured Muslim youths have been admitted to the Domjur Sub Divisional Hospital for treatment. Police is patrolling the area at the moment.

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