Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Muslims occupying canals forcibly, uprooting Hindus

Lots of ways have been used by Muslim miscreants, from time to time, to persecute Hindus and the latest, in this regard, is forcible occupation of sides of canals in South Bengal. This may sound uncanny to many readers; whatever it is, this stark reality is getting prominent with time. Now, before going on further, let’s focus on experts’ comments.

In accordance with experts, level of water is declining fast and this can lead to natural disasters (e.g. earthquakes) or inhuman dearth of drinking water, water necessary for agriculture. Governance in South Bengal, without a shred of doubt, is conscious of these and is making great efforts to hold rain water or water of river through digging out canals, ponds. Nevertheless all these majestic efforts have failed outright to solve problems. And onus, in this context, remains on local administrations. It is no longer a secret that Muslim bad hats are occupying sides of canals forcibly thanks to inefficiency, reluctance of local governance.

An assortment of such examples can be found without restraint in district 24 Paraganas (South).

  1. These include several main and branch canals in Block – Mograhat.
  2. Large numbers of canals in Block – Mandirbazar.
  3. Sides of several rivers in Sundarban; one of these is Piyali river (Kella – Mahishmari)
  4. As a result of abovementioned illegal activities Piyali river has almost ceased to exist.
Take Block – Mograhat, for instance. A few days back people in the neighborhood submitted a mass memorandum to BDO (Block Development Officer) Mograhat and also Department of Irrigation to oust illegitimate occupants from some specific canals and proceed to court against them. These specific canals include canal traversing Bankipur, canal from Mograhat to Dhanpota, canal from Mograhat to Nainan, canal from Chakda to Jhinki.

The majority of illegal occupants are Muslims and hence, administration and local parties prefer to remain silent. However, the same muteness is stimulating illegal activities of Muslims to the greatest extent.

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