Saturday, January 29, 2011

Muslims Attempt to Defile Hindu Temple, But Hindus Resist and Unite in Joynagar

Summary: Muslims Try to Defile sanctity of Hindu Temple by Placing Beef in it. The Unified Resistance of Hindus Counters the Designs of the Fanatics.

If the basic intention remains to defame one individual or the feelings of a particular community, there can’t be dearth of strategies and their precise implementations. You don’t have to go through scores of books in the local library or newspapers to find out any such instance. It happened only a few days back in the village Badyir Chawlk, PS: Joynagar, in West Bengal. On 17th November 2010, Muslims forcefully placed a quantity of beef in the Devi Manasha temple in the evening.

Such an incident was enough to panic the entire locality and without wasting time Mr. Sardar, an ardent devotee of Goddess Manasha sought help from local Hindu Samhati (HS) workers. The local Maulana (Muslim religious leader) made all efforts to restrain Hindus from going on with the campaign. But the Hindus were strong and vigorous.

At Peor More, in the neighborhood, the Maulana was found to consult with lots of other Muslims. They went to the affected facility, expressed regret and wanted the said piece of beef back. Seeing all these Hindu Samhati workers contacted a senior HS activist, who advised them not to give back the same. The HS acitivst contacted Officer-in-Charge of PS: Joynagar in a while and police force was sent soon. Nevertheless, serious brawls occurred between Hindus and Muslims regarding the issue, in the meantime.

An FIR (First Information Report) was made against 18 Muslim workers. Muslims did not lag behind and filed a court case against 20 HS activists and 8 other general Hindus. HS activists have been released on bail already and 8 others are also moving freely in the village.

Multiple days have passed but police is yet to take actions against the Muslim activists.

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