Friday, January 7, 2011

Muslim Fundamentalists Obstruct Kali Puja in Beledanga,West Bengal

Kali Puja and Bengal are synonymous and this is no new concept; this has been going on for centuries, if not more. The situation in Deganga is certainly no different as well. Towards 3 kilometers east of the Deganga police station there lies Beledanga Daspara crossing and there, by the side of the road, on the landed property (in Padma’s Char) a Puja has been going on for 30 years at a stretch under the aegis of local Beledanga Shakti Sangha Club, source of inspiration along with ceremonial elegance and splendor for the local people. But there has been a new experience this year.

Taking advantage of the infamous riot (taking place in Deganga in recent months) and also series of attacks by the Muslim activists, on 24th October, 2010, led by notorious Sheikh Malek Goldar, a gang of Muslim goons was witnessed to enclose the site of Puja with a bamboo-made fence and also cut down a diminutive peepul-tree (ficus religiosa) completely. What’s more, they warned that Hindus would experience terrible consequences if they dared to worship there any longer. The development did scare Hindus a great deal.

To get rid of any such incident Hindus, under the leadership of Mrs. Mala Das (CPIM), member of local Panchayat, and Mr. Sahadeb Das, tried their best to file a formal charge against Shiekh Malek Goldar in the local police station. But what is striking is that the police did register a general diary (GD-1304/28-10-10) only. Nevertheless, in spite of all these, no administrative measures were adopted against the said Muslim fanatics, tormenting the Hindu tribals a lot.

When on earth the reality was reported to Hindu Samhati, counter measures were adopted soon. On November 3, 2010, Kali Puja was organized at the side of the road adjacent to the main site, by local Hindus under the auspices of Jayanta Sadhukhan, Prashanta Pal and Gobind Karmakar, all members of State Committee of Samhati and also local activists.

Even if the Puja was organized, the main site is yet to be recovered.

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