Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Joynagar - Muslims Demolish Hindu Furniture Shop; Other Hindu Businesses

Religious altercations know no bounds in the realm of the Indian state of West Bengal at the moment and more the days are passing, it is increasing by leaps and bounds. The same thing happened on January 20th, 2011 in P.O.: JoyNagar during the famed Sankranti fair in the neighborhood. The squabble started from a minor incident but thanks to the nefarious intention of Muslim zealots to turn any trifling event to a major one and riot, if not more, it became aggressive.

The concerned Muslim individual bought a few furniture from a Hindu shop. However, the buyer was not happy and accused the seller for selling those at higher prices. This led to a petty disagreement between the two sides and a battle-royal as well.

The Muslim buyer withdrew himself from the spot but came back soon with a contingent of at least 400 Muslim activists brandishing lethal and illegal weapons. What happened afterwards was beyond imagination. The whole furniture shop was destroyed within minutes along with a few neighboring Hindu shops.

The local police station tried to locate the Muslim hatemongers, and it was reported that Officer-in-Charge Ram Sundar Mondal arrested two Islamists soon.

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