Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hindus in Katwa Submitted Mass Petition to Governernment Before Eid


Sub Divisional Officer,

Katwa, Burdwan (Dist.),

West Bengal
Sub: Petition against design to frustrate communal harmony in the region

Dear Sir,

It is to be stated that we are the inhabitants of village SriSurura, under Panchayat of Village Goai, PS: Katwa, Dist: Burdwan (Bardhaman). And our foremost aim is to bring to your attention a grave issue that is getting prominence more and more. The Muslim community in the village has been making great efforts for the last two years to have cow-slaughter that goes in each and every respect against the fundamental beliefs of Hinduism.

To be precise, on the last 29/11/2009 (13 Agrahayan, 1416 in Bengali), a few excited Muslims were observed to carry a slaughtered cow through the middle of the village (in front of a sanctified Hindu temple) in a rickshaw van (as if an exhibition was going on). The scene was enough to hurt and terrify the villagers and many of them went under shock.

All these indicate that the Muslim community has got frantic to affront the Hindus and destroy the communal harmony in each and every respect. But the unblushing Muslims are stating that their each and every deed is being endorsed by the administration. The best example of the same was the aforementioned event that took place on 29/11/2009 around 11.30 and 12.00 in the morning.

Sir, this sort of activity dishonors our religious beliefs to the largest extent and we therefore do oppose any approach of cow slaughter and convey beef. We hope that you would remain conscious and put an end to all these in the future.

Sir, this humble application is to make you aware of all these and the gradually worsening situation in the village. We do hope that the administration would remain careful henceforth and save the village from further deterioration.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Villagers of village SriSurura
(Along with signatures of 1014 villagers)

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