Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mayapur Pilgrims Looted by Muslim Gangs

Is Mounting Criminal Activity in Mayapur Part of a Greater Conspiracy?

It may appear to be strange to many but in reality, more with the passage of days, Mayapur, considered as one of the holiest cities in the Hindu tradition, is becoming a den of Islamic criminal activities more and more. Only on Jan 2nd, 2011, 7-8 tourist buses, moving towards ISKCON temple, became subject to lootings and all forms of pillages, at Jangal More of PS: Dhubulia, led by a band of Muslim armed robbers. Even the small cars were not spared and as per latest information, a good amount of money (amounting to a few lakhs), gold jewelries and 20 cell phones were looted.

The extensive plundering took place from 1.30 am to 3.30 am devoid of any resistance and the passengers were also beaten mercilessly. It is to be noted, Mayapur, is positioned on the banks of the Ganges river, close to her confluence with the Jalangi, near Navadvip, West Bengal, India, 130 km north of Kolkata (Calcutta). The city is the global headquarter of ISKCON and is also the birthplace of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Millions of pilgrims visit the city every year.

It is worthwhile to mention that a few buses had been ransacked and passengers beaten (likewise) in the last year too and at the same place. It has been alleged that local religious Muslim organizations in Nadia district are behind the criminals to rid the district of the influence of Mayapur, and thus weaken the area's Hindus. All these have infuriated Hindus in the locale to a large extent and they consider this as nothing but a grave failure of the police and administration. The majority of Hindus consider this as a serious threat to the flourishing tourism industry and to the pilgrimate spot. However, Champak Bhattacharya, SP is not without confidence and is hopeful that the felons would be identified and arrested soon.

The first victim to the incident (this year) was a bus traveling all the way from the neighboring state of Orissa. As stated by one of its passengers, the entire incident occurred in the dark night when they were sleeping and it was masterminded by a highly armed Muslim youths, joined by 10-12 others shortly.

In accordance with local sources, a few other buses and small automobiles were also attacked by members of the Muslim mafia at the same time and one of the buses was from Alipurduar (mainly) but at that time was coming from Puri.

One of the heavily injured passengers was Dipak Roy, who was in a bus traveling from Howrah. He hails from Chinsurah and was beaten heavily for refusing to bow to the demands of the Muslim assailants (to open the gate of the bus). He was admitted in ShaktiNagar District Hospital.

Gouranga Das, PRO (Pubic Relations Officer) of Mayapur ISKCON stated, the entire area is without any sort of police protection and in spite of a series of said events at the same place (led by Muslim criminal gangs), the police is yet to adopt any pro-active measure. People visit the place from across the globe and are robbed and assaulted. This denigrates the district police only.

Muslim activists in Nadia backed by Islamist religious elements in West Bengal and Bangladesh have been successful in creating a well entrenched and networked mafia to harass and disturb the religious and other activities of the district's Hindus. A similar trend is being seen in Murshidabad district as well. Hindus in West Bengal must consolidate solidly to counter these plans of the communal minded Muslims.


  1. sarvo padi vinirmuktam

    all designations freed from... then bhakti will come.

    Islam means to surrender to the Almighty God, Allah.

    The all inclusive omnipotent sustaining Lord.

    The same Lord the pilgrims are going to glorify.

    If we can sit and glorify the Lord together then all problems and differences are dispelled.

    Approaching the rogues (not Muslims) in love of the Almighty God maybe a exciting, challenging opportunity to surrender.

  2. This is what koranimals do. Best to kill all arselifters and be done with them.

  3. These things will happen more and more as there are no more genuine devotees left in the world. Most of them are just dressed up as devotees.

  4. Itis, a riddle for you - what does it take to make oneself a judge of who is and who is not a genuine devotee?

    Answer - a moron.

  5. Stephen, muslim rogues should be approached with a good machine gun. This is the language they understand and respect. They despise and scorn whims.

  6. Saddest part is that people in the rest of India are kept blind to this happening.So much for the ir Secular Credentials.Apparently it does not apply when victims are Hindus.My prayers that the victims get Justice and closure for this atrocity done to them.

  7. Sita, do you think there is something we/you/someone (who?) can do something to make the whole of India aware of these happenings and give rise to being proud of being Hindu and to Hindu solidarity?

  8. Kafir will be always be attacked by muzzies.
    The only cure is to eliminate Muslims from India.
    otherwise they will do this again and again

  9. Stephen in fact is right.

    This overtly holier than attitude taken by the "Admin" and the author of this article is so very unrealistic.

    Remember what apparently Lord Jesus said, "let that person cast the first stone, who has not sinned himself."

    Similarly, all this hue and cry about "muslim" members in a dacoit gang would be valid if in the entire planet earth there one could find ZERO existence of any dacoit gang that has so called "hindu" members!

    Muslims atleast have a scripture (Koran) that has the word "Muslim" in it. Thus we can say that they are a religion indeed. (since they have a scripture)

    Same with Christians. They too have a scripture (a documentation) that does mention the word "Christian". So Christians too at least have a basis and a foundation for being called as a religion.

    What about the so called "Hindus?"
    Which scripture do the so called "Hindus" have that proves that there indeed is a religion called "hindu" or "hinduism"?

    Search the entire Bhagavad-gita, the purans, the samhitas, the four vedas, the upanishads, the aaranyakas, the tantras? what? where? Where is the word "hindu" ever mentioned? Where is the documentary (scriptural) authorization of this Muslim invader abuse called: "Hindu"????

    And like fools, the so called "Hindus" rant about "garv se kaho hum hindu hae!"

    And not withstanding, they go on a foolish rampage against Muslims (like in this article) while their own house is not clean!

    Are there no Hindu dacoit gangs?
    Do Hindus not indulge in violence?
    Read the comments above and you will see that Hindus are equally violent!

    And read the comment about of Stephen and you will see that one who is "sarva upaadhir vinirmuktam" is not at all interested in violence.

    Now in the given example of the article, Muslim have shown violence. So in the suggestions by the so called Hindus (foolish people who don't even know who they themselves are -- atleast muslims knew that they are muslims) have suggested violence. as if this is a wonderful new grand idea that no one previously on planet earth ever had! (if someone in some period of time indeed have had that idea, how come it has not yet manifested?) (oh sorry, don't make the "hindus" think! thinking is not allowed. It would make one turn intelligent!)

    So Muslims, beat-kill Hindus. In return now Hindus will beat-kill Muslims.

    And the "Hindus" then believe that the remaining Muslims will not think and act likewise and instead sit in their home peacefully and eat beguni and muri peacefully for the rest of their life and coming generations!!!!

    What a silly idea this concept of violence is!
    yet there is no dearth of people who insist on demonstrating their foolishness to the world by choosing to opt for violence.

    In the entire history of earth, show one (just one... yes, really begging here... show just one) example where Violence by any one group has finished the topic and the other victim group has never ever in any coming generations retaliated back with counter-violence!

    ZERO example.
    Yet we want to take the same course!
    Eventhough the result is guaranteed failure still "hindus" are ever so eager to follow that course.

    But look... read the scriptures and see the example of the scripturally educated people like Stephen.

    No, since his opinion doesn't suit our mindless agenda, we will bash him down!

    Long live foolishness!
    Down down intelligence!

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  11. Mr. Avadhut Das, If this be the attitude of the Mayapuris the day isn't far when rats, bugs, ants & vultures will eat the flesh of the Sanatan Dharmis living there. I ask you where has the Krishna in Kurukshtra gone? Who said it will be clash between Hindus & Muslims? The people who attacked and looted the Mayapuris are people who cannot be trusted in the civilized world (adharmis).
    Your believing that there is nothing called the Hindus doesn't matter to them. It is kafir who they kill [aka non-Muslims]. If you talk of any other God or try to correlate yours with Allah or question you'll be screwed. What you talk of is not intelligence it is cowardice. There is nothing that a man can't do. It is attitude that matters. Start realizing the rules of life you'll get to know what is best.

  12. It is quite evident that people like Stephen and Avadhut perhaps needed the same blow like the victims in Mayapur/24south paraganas, so that they would understand where to use what. A peaceful way is possible when peace is understood. Exactly samnang, why did kurukshetra happened in the first place. These guys are going to either remember Allah or Christ if God forbid the same looting/raping of their women(like their mother, wife, sister or daughter), or burning down their homes happens. Or perhaps these are the people like our Mamata banerjee who are Hindus for namesake. And what violent happened so far? That Ghosh babu has been jailed twice and the ones jailed for complaining about the assault happened near howrah at the crematorium? Isn this Muslim propaganda?
    True there can never be peace, hypotheticaly even if all Muslims are eradicated from the country. Hence according to Stephen and Avadhut, watch the show and blame ourselves ( for God knows wat) and continue getting screwed. I m sure u guys are ashamed of being a part of Sanatan Dharma (Hindu for the rest of the world coz thats what they understand) or you guys must be on the path for conversion. In that case your presence doesn mAke sense over here, brothers.

  13. We don't expect much from persons or organization , which is already making arrangements for "holy Azaan" in Mayapur!

    Islam is opposite of all that Krsna consciousness stands for. Yet, some persons including many seekers think "Islam is bona fide".

    I think an atheist world is much better and more suitable for Krsna bhakti as compared to an Islamic one.

    Let us see how Islam is totally the antithesis of dharma.

    1. Single birth : no rebirth is accepted in Islam. In other words, it degrades God and claims that God is responsible for our births in various circumstances.
    Hindu dharma says its our past karma and God doesn't cause us to suffer.

    2. Judgement Day : This idea has been mentioned by Srila Bhaktivinod Thakura, whom one "world famous" organization claims to follow, as a sign of "not so civilized nations".
    In Caitanya Siksamrta, Srila Bhaktivinod writes that it should be understood that places where ideas like "judgement day" are popular are not inhabited by (spiritually) developed persons. Bengali version of the book has this / the English version may not have this in order to please the abrahamics.

    As Islam will come to an end on Judgement Day, it is non eternal faith.

    >>> "Muslims at least have a scripture".
    Even Hitler had a "Scripture".

    Some organization will tell you that the common Hindu is a "rascal" because he thinks "Ganesh is God" or "Kali is God".
    However , he does bow down to Sri Krsna also !

    Yet he is a "Rascal" as per one organization and the Muslim : to whom all Hindus/ devotees are idolators, to whom Krsna is a subject of hatred : is a "devotee" or "surrendered soul".

    Sanatan dharma stands for dignity of human kind.

    Those who think "Islam is bona fide" should check with a devout Muslim whether or not all devotees of Krsna are "kafirs".

    Hindu dharma was saved by Shivaji and the Sikh Gurus otherwise there would be no Vrindavan left today.

    Anyway, we are praying to Sriman Mahaprabhu so that true Gaudiya vaisnava dharma will be resurrected soon.