Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Muslim School Principal Turns Out to be a Islamic gang Leader

Pichakhali is a small isolated village in PS: Kultali. But the same village has turned into a major witness to atrocities of Muslim activists in recent days. On 10th july, 2010 a gang of Islamists masking themselves under black clothing and lungi entered the village in night and taking advantage of darkness in the vicinity got into multiple Hindu houses.

Well, they were not alone and were heavily armed with sharp weapons, a DCM automobile, which was never stopped. They stole two large cows and when they were making wholehearted efforts for the third one, the house owner realized that something worng was going on and to know the same, came out of the dwelling. However, the gang fled and the failure to identify even a single one of those did discourage Hindus a lot.

But the situation did refuse to stop there. Within the following 2 days i.e. on 12th July 2010, there was a repetition of the same incident around 2 am. A few Hindu families were already conscious and as a result, a few cowsheds were already under lock and key. At this time the Muslim criminals came along with a 207 car, 1 motorcycle and indeed there were lots of others as well, engaged in providing security to the main robbers and also aides, if there was any such necessity. What was the main objective? They were lucky and also capable to do the same – calves were stolen in great numbers.

The ruckus did alert local Hindu villager, Muktaram Sardar, who, as a result, came out of his own dwelling and perceived the light of the car. He got suspicious of the entire incident and raised a hue and cry. A few Hindu boys woke up owing to this and got a hold of the thief. By that time it was morning and hearing the entire development, Ekadashi Naskar (member of the local Panchayat) and her husband Purna Naskar reached the spot. It was followed by the arrival of Jehangir Alam Gharami, principal of the local school, and his Muslim gang. He warned that Hindus attacking members of his team would face dire consequences and their organs would also be chopped off. It is to be noted, cadres of Gharami’s team remain armed all the way and also all the time and admonish Hindus. Some of these are also noted criminals and have already spent years in jails. Well, police and administration are yet to adopt any strong measure against these criminals backed by the local mosque.

Warnings of the headmaster did enrage a number of Hindu youths. But they were forced to retreat by some political leaders who warned them that they would be arrested in case of any trouble. The following situation was more terrible. A few cars moving towards Herobhanga and Jamtala from the village of Pichakhali were stopped in the midway and once the drivers and passengers were identified they were beaten heavily. This incident called the traffic a halt. It has come to the knowledge that the Muslim criminals are being supported by an individual named Atiwar, a known member of the local Muslim fundamentalist group and instrumental in terrorizing the Hindu politicians considerably even.

Finding no other option Hindu youths did also adopt the same tactic, and started to blockade local traffic. As a reaction to this, 40-50 Islamist activists (hailing from nearby Tilpi) did turn up in the area and warned that they would plunder Hindu houses and 'enjoy' Hindu women.

As a result of all these, Hindus have already started to flee; some others are remaining in the village during the day but not in the night.

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