Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hindus Submit F.I.R. at Minakhan Police Station

The Officer in Charge.
Minakhan Police Station
North 24 Parganas
West Bengal, India


It is our humble submission that on 14th November 2010, Sunday the Jagaddhatri Puja was in full swing and completely peacefull. But around 11.00 pm, with the intention to trouble the serene event only, Raqibul Gain, son of Majed Gain, chief of Minakhan Panchayat, son of Jainal Mollah, inhabitant of Sang-MathBari, molested the girls and then pelted stones at the main rostrum. When the club members raised protests, the assaulters said, “We would burn up the canopy (pandal in Bengali) and also the murthi made of clay” and fled from the area for the time being.

Only after half an hour, chief of Minakhan Panchayat along with his son and other prominent persons of the neighborhood entered into a meeting with the Puja Committee to find out a solution to the entire problem and under the aegis of the participants a solution was attained.

Nevertheless, only after two days, on 16th November 2010, Tuesday, at 10 am in the morning the reverse to all these occurred. Bhola Biswas, a good natured Hindu and modest farming businessman was thrashed heavily by a team of Islamic activists. He was taken to the room of Jainal Mollah at the local Malancha fish market. At least Rs. 10,000 ($ 250 US) was snatched from him and iron rods were used freely to beat him severely and he was told that he wa going to get him a lesson of his lifetime. The team contained and was led by Jainal Mollah (known inhabitant of MathBari), Father – Hamid Mollah; and the others included Mast Mollah, Father – Shaukat Mollah (deceased); Jamanullah Tarafdar, Father – Unknown; Hakim Mollah, Father – Unknown; Aizul, Father – Mamud Ali; Dilabar, Father – Hamid; Siddique, Father – Baburali; Jahangir, Father – Jamar; Allauddin, Father – Unknown, all part of various fundamentalist Muslim organizations.

This is not alone; just within 15 minutes of the entire horrific episode a strong and huge army of Islamic lawbreakers from MathBari with all forms of dangerous and outlawed weapons came to destroy the canopy and altar of the afore-metioned Hindu celebration of jagaddhatri Puja. Arindam Mookherjee, Officer-in-Charge of PS: Minakhan, appeared with police team in the scenario meanwhile, but his right hand was heavily injured by the said team of Islamic felons.

A good number of members of our club got seriously hurt to save Arindam Mookherjee from the Muslim activists. A few of them are Bholanath Biswas, Father – Rabindra Biswas (deceased); Nimai Mondal, Father – Nitya Chandra Mondal; Dipankar Das, Father - Ashok Kumar Das (deceased); Biswajit Sana, Father – Prafulla Sana (deceased), Sujit Biswas, Father – Rabindra Biswas (deceased); Kangsha Sardar, Father – Bholanath Sardar; Swapan Pahar, Father – Bhadreswar Pahar (deceased), all Hindus.

It is our humble plea to you to make an enquiry of the aforementioned incident in detail and bring the responsible individuals (behind the episode) to book. We shall be highly grateful if the same is done straight away.

Yours truly,

Rabin Das

Secretary, Malancha Kalitala Milan Sangha

PS: Minakhan

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