Monday, May 16, 2011

Is Trinamool’s electoral triumph nemesis of Hindus?

Post-electoral violence in the Indian state of West Bengal is witnessing more horrific developments with the passing of each day. And each incident is having a despicable face of Islamic fundamentalism on top at the same instant. Maybe you are a firm believer in the serenity of Indian scenario but lots of changes have taken place by now. Minakha in 24 Paraganas (North) has witnessed likewise only today.

The incident had its origin in the march of TMC (Trinamool Congress) workers, jovial to celebrate their party’s landslide in the recently concluded state assembly election, at 10.30am in Debitala (village) of Dhuturdaha (surrounding area), P.S. Minakha.

The procession was being led by Sajid Ali, Panchayat head of Dhuturdaha and also local head of TMC, and the moment it reached Debitala Primary School 3-4 bombs were hurled into the school campus. The incident can’t be conceived flippantly as the bombs were thrown to intimidate Hindus in the vicinity, vulnerable to Islamic marauders for years.

Like incidents are happening in other areas too – Muslim criminals are being found to threaten Hindu supporters of CPM only more and more.

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  1. Can you please elaborate on how the 7 left-front Govt.s and the 3 united front Govt.s before helped Hindus and Hindutwa in Bengal?