Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mousumi – Newest Prey of Love Jihad

Threat of Love Jihad, salient and silent movement led by Muslim youths across India to lure non-Muslim girls to Islam through feigning love, has reached the shores of Indian state of West Bengal too. With the passing of each day, it is becoming a matter of greater concern and for the moment, it’s victim is Mousumi Ghosh of 17 years age, daughter of Gostho Ghosh, resident of Village: Tangra, P.S. Gaighata, District: 24 Paraganas (North).

The culprit, in this regard, is Faja Mandal of 18 years, son of Saleman Mandal, resident of adjoining Village: Rampur, P.S. Gaighata. Both happen to be students of nearby Rajapur High School and while Mousumi happens to be a student of Madhyamik (Secondary Examination), Faja is a student of Uccha Madhyamik (Higher Secondary Examination).

On the fateful day, Mousumi couldn’t be traced even after lots of searches and her family members even went to the house of Sukanya, she was supposed to go to have class notes. But all were in vain; surrounding developments proved that she was tempted and forced to run away by Faja.

Mousumi’s family reported the incident to the nearby police station (488 dtd. 09/04/11) and the Case no. is 461. The family is waiting in earnest yet to have any evidence of Mousumi’s whereabouts. Even if the family is leaving no stone unturned to find her out, disinclination of the administration and animosity of Muslim locality have turned out to be the greatest obstacle.

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